Can I just post at first to my website, my Ebook?

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    Dec 1, 2011
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    It took me 35 years to write the book, it is rather dark. I have a huge network through my mentoring of college students, one actually is a college station broadcaster. Everything I have read seems to point to Ebook publishing companies (Kindle, etc.) but their service is based on the idea that their huge collection and their distribution network is the way. Being a marketing guy, it seems very unlikely that my book would get noticed without me doing all the work, since they have so many books listed.
    My thought is this, I am a marketing freak and since the book is sort of a local market product, I should at the least start on my own. So, can I just post my book on my website in acceptable formats and wait to see if it is good enough to join the mainline Ebook publishing networks?
    It took me 35 years to write, so if someone can give me some straight answers in a shorter period of time, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!