Can I give away PLR ebooks for free?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Jaedenky, Nov 1, 2012.

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    Hi Blackhatters,

    simple question, I'm getting into email lists and downloaded a ton of plr ebooks from the download section of this forum. Now, I'm thinking of choosing one as my freebie/giveaway to those who opt-in to my email list. Is this legal and if not is there really any chance of getting caught? or do I have to rewrite the ebook? If I buy the plr ebook then can I do this? Would appreciate some thoughts on this and the best course of action.

    Oh yea as a side question, am I allowed now to resell the plr ebook/article? I never purchased it myself but got it for free in the download forum. I've heard of selling plr books on fivver, can I do this with the plr books I downloaded? or is that illegal/risky?

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance. :)
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    it depends on the license that they give,some of them allow it, but mostly they don't !
    read their tos, some of them allow you to giveaway for sign ups for free.
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