Can I get a review copy please ?

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    Mar 4, 2009
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    And here's my review of the ebook:

    The ebook was in .pdf format and I really liked the way the writer uses letters and numbers in his ebook. Letter was put after letter then word after word and together they forged some very nice sentences, some of them was even pretty easy to understand. Also, dots and commas were used to add a little spice in it, although I really don't see the necessity of all of them. Background was white, and font style was something like "Times New Roman" and color used was black which is very nice for a text color. Overall, its a really nice ebook!

    I give it 10/10!

    ... :p ... a bit of dp humor here ... :p ... typical ebook review.
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    At first, I thought you had lost your mind. Hilarious.

    But you did forget "Anything written by 'Iwantmomoney' is a no-brainer".