Can I access an expired domain that I forgot to pay for ?


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Nov 24, 2016
Quick question: I had an old website that was running on autopilot, I forgot to pay for the hosting and now I can't access it anymore, if I start paying again can I have it back? or is it forever gone? Can I also access the actual website copy(writing) without paying?

Im using hostgator btw, thx!
This question, its better to ask your Hostgator online support, because its complicated to answer.

In normal, you have different time stages to response the "forget renewal", your hosting company may still preserve your files if it is not too long; if you forgot to renewal after 1 year lol, maybe all files are gone. (no idea, just ask them)

Regard your copy writings, you can get them from (if those pages crawled by it)
If someone else has gone and registered it already, then it's gone.

Otherwise if it's just expired, go ahead and register it again.
Your domain hosting company can also many times help you to get back your domain but it may cost you some extra money. It takes some time before the domain that you didn't renew get back on the market again.
If you need your content, you can often find most of it or all of it on
Good luck
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