Can eBay link accounts based off of the public records questions they ask?

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by ultra2207, Dec 19, 2011.

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    Something I was wondering about recently... Has anyone ever had accounts linked based on the public record questions? Example:
    Say my name is Clark Harrold and I'm running a non stealth legit account in my name (no ssn provided). This account had it's selling limits removed based on the public record questions I answered over the phone. I then move to a new address. I then open a new eBay account under the same name (Clark Harrold) but under my new address. Obviously at this point these accounts can not be linked yet based off of name alone (common name). BUT, time goes by and I want my seller limits increased so I make the call to ebay to increase them. They will ask public records questions again of course. Naturally this will be the same public record as my other account so they will ask the same or similar questions as before. Has anyone ever been linked this way?

    I'm only asking because I am moving soon so I'm trying to decide between:
    1- Simply changing my legit eBay account address to the new one.
    2- Create new eBay account, link it to my existing account to remove my seller limits and just add that to my existing PayPal account.
    3- Create brand new eBay and PayPal account with new address.

    Thanks for any help. Oh, and I just joined, lots of good info here.
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    Ebay purchases the "public record info" to verify identities from a company called LexisNexis, which is owned by a company called Reed Elsevier.

    At one point in time, some large volume companies got discounted access to this service by contributing info back to the (horribly inaccurate) database.

    I don't know if ebay has such a deal with LexisNexis, if they do, yes both identities will get linked, even with different Names, etc.

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