Can eBay and others sue you for talking about them in your product?

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    An example of this is: Video Professor

    He markets DVDs that teach you how to use eBay, Word, etc. He talks about them, screenshots, etc.

    If I wanted to launch a product where I talk about eBay, Adwords, etc, how do I go about legality?
    Do I have to have prior written consent from the companies to talk about them, or what?

    How do I go about doing it without getting sued. They could sue since youre using their trademark for the production of your product.

    (By the way, I cant believe how many products on clickbank have the google named attached to them, How are they not getting sued?) Crazy...

    Anyways, thanks!
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    I think you can do this, as long as you put a disclamier or what ever, like your not affliated with them nor are they endorising this. you might have to do a little bit more research...
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    Generally you can talk about them as long as what you say can be considered true and accurate. If you have no association with them then you can't give the impression that they're somehow endorsing your product. You also can't make any other misleading claims that the other companies think may damage their business, otherwise you could get sued. In addition if you have any relationships with the other companies then you also have to abide by the terms of the relationship. For example, if you are an affiliate then you have to follow the affiliate contract. Some contracts forbid you from using the name of the other companies in your promotions.