Can anyone translate for me what FL support says?

The Blackhat Guy

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Oct 15, 2014
"We don't perform manual reset. You can reset the license yourself by clicking the "Click Here" link shown in the status of the software. A reset license email will be sent to"

..obviously I have no idea what they are talking about :| I'm just trying to reset my license...
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i will show you how
just run the project on the new pc or vps and it will show you a link click on it then it will send you an email click the link on it and you can run the software again
Yes, that's what basically it is. Experienced that before and even if I kept on resetting the license, it still wouldn't let me run FL, so I asked them to manually reset it for me since I've been experiencing the problem for almost 2 days already. They told me it would be the last time that they're gonna manually do it for me. The thing is I didn't even change my computer, still running FL on the same laptop. Was so frustrating. Ugh.

Everything's okay now though. :D
Alright, going out on a limb here assuming FL has something to do with Facebook or Instagram.

It seems to me that you need a proper proxy. They're on to you. Use 1 proxy per account fi you're really serious about it and let that run. That way, you won't get the warnings.

You're probably getting them because you're using too many accounts on 1 IP which is a dead give-away. Invest in your online identities. There's no 'quick-win' button in the Instagram game :)

EDIT: Follow Liker - got it now. Same advice applies :)
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