Can anyone take a quick look at my WP site's OnPage Seo ? need an opinion

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    May 14, 2014
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    Hi guys. Umm, I have just started this wordpress site (5 days old) and I'm writing all the articles and I have little experience with SEO.
    And Im not sure, on one hand I think I may be overoptimizing, on the other hand maybe I'm doing it right. The site has about 2/3 pages indexed and they rank like s**t even if I try searching the full title. But the site has no backlinks yet, so maybe its normal, I dont know. Anyway it's probably too soon to tell but could use an opinion on my site from a seo POV, not just overoptimization, but anything you can think of. I have 23 articles now and i wanna know If Im on the right path or I should change a few things.

    Here's the link
    b e s t m a t t r e s s g u i d e . o r g

    Thanks a lot for any help!