Can anyone recommend quality whitehat SEO/article submission person/service?

Discussion in 'Link Building' started by persyme, Sep 4, 2011.

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    Hi there.

    Sorry but I choose to use whitehat methods because I've worked too hard, and for too long to take any risks.

    Can anyone recommend someone or service that can provide quality backlinks and/or good SEO practices?

    I can write very well. I can write my own articles, etc. if I can find a service that can provide high ranking, quality websites, directories, etc. that I can submit articles, posts, comments (or whatever you can them) in order to create quality backlinks to my website.

    I own a local service in my city. My service covers the the surrounding cities and the entire state. My targeted keywords are highly competitive.

    I have been teaching myself about SEO and have been applying what I am learning.

    I have a website that has a PR3 even though it hadn't been SEO friendly/SEO optimized at all until I added some onsite SEO myself recently.

    Some of the onsite optimising I've added to my website: I completely changed the text to add my targeted keywords, added/changed meta tags; title, description, keywords, etc. to be relevant to the category, targeted keywords and to be SEO freindly/relevent. I completely rewrote the text and optimised it by adding titles (h1, h2 h3, etc) using the targeted keywords, added bolded and italic text to place relevant emphasis on the targeted keywords. I added hyperlinked text/targeted keywords, linking to .gov sites (to reinterate the information in my text, and to quote the source of the legal requirements) using achor tags at least twice, and I used anchor tags to link to other pages within my site (to the blog page and other parts of my site).

    I can write very well. I can write my own articles, etc. if I can find a service that can provide high ranking websites, directories to post, comment, etc. on, preferably at no or low cost. As time goes on cost will be less of a factor.

    Or I might be interested in subscribing to/purchasing a service that may have memberships with various high ranking, quality directories services, etc. which provides services that include submitting articles to these directories or websites.

    I have paid thousands of dollars over the past three years to so called SEO experts yet virtually the only optimising that has been done so far is what I have done myself. But as I teach myself and am applying what I learn as I learn it, it is taking me too long.

    Thanks to anyone in advance for your recommendations or advice.

    Also, to save having to post another post I will ask this question here (I hope that's allowed): Does Google give more relevance or ranking to a website that's hosted on Godaddy than if it's hosted on a private (less known) server?
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    Unique article wizard is the best one at the moment.