Can anyone make and manage social media accounts for a person's "Fan base"

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    I've bought likes in the past and even custom comments however I don't get to control what the person looks like or how much activity/friends they have so, the profiles look real but I can't make the same profile have a "conversation" with another account or anything. Right now I've been trying to wrap my head around proxies, vpns, followliker, etc that's required to make and manage lets say 50 of my own and there is a lot to watch out for and pay for.
    I commend all of you who are doing it.:cheerlead

    Not sure if this is a service here but, if anyone's got a few "normal" (average follower count no link in bio or promotional posts) looking accounts on instagram, facebook and twitter, I'd like to hear how much it'll be to have these profiles comment on a status or even DM someone for me 2-5 times throughout the month. Also things like uploading a selfie or changing their profile pic would be good.

    I won't need these account to make a return on any investments or send traffic to a site, I'm just looking to create a virtual "crowd" of people. I know buying activity can easily make a crowd but, personalizing the people in the crowd is a whole other story

    Let me know if this is possible or if there's anything i've overlooked, maybe someone out there's done this before?

    Many thanks
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    I can provide you Social Media Management service. Do add me at Skype ID rupaksom0072 so that we can have a talk.