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Can anyone help me with my ebook blog?

Discussion in 'Cloaking and Content Generators' started by moneymakinguy, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. moneymakinguy

    moneymakinguy Regular Member

    Jun 12, 2015
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    I need help with my blogspot blog. I have created an ebook blog on blogger, and I copy the ebooks from other websites (which have survey links) and short their links with adfly. this way the websites from which I copy get paid for their surveys and I will get paid by adfly. The problem is that the copy pasting job is quite time-taking... i need a bot which automates the process. Shortening links is not a problem as I can put a full page script for that. I tried some RSS based bots but they only post short summaries and then put the link to the original post.Thanks in advance :)