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Can anybody criticize my website? give me some direction?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Yankee Fever, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. Yankee Fever

    Yankee Fever Newbie

    Aug 25, 2012
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    im making a website for a familiy member, for free, im using wordpress and im not interested in learning how to code yet.

    the website is shit so far, im trying to make it look good on mobile first because thats where most of his customers will view it, so there are a lot of things out of format on desktop. everything is a placeholder for now until i get more pictures from him.

    really i am looking for some advice on how to actually structure the website and i am of course willing to scrap the entire design and start over. i was thinking that the main page should sell the customer on trust and on him as the actual contractor, a great contractor at that. then funnel off into each section like kitchens, patios, dormers ect and rotate them seasonally. i just do not have any idea on how each of those pages could be laid out.

    i wouldnt mind showcasing his work through an instagram account and attaching it to the site, but i understand i might be getting ahead of myself with that on wordpress.

    im doing this for free to get experience building websites, so any advice is very much appreciated!

    the site is:

    www. infinite home improvements.com (no spaces)

    please check it out on mobile if you get a chance! thank you guys!
  2. Sherb

    Sherb Jr. Executive VIP Jr. VIP

    Dec 26, 2010
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    PBN Garage Sale
    $197 Full PBN Sites at
    Home Page:
    Here goes. Viewing on desktop first by the way.
    1. Make the menu continue to scroll when scrolling down.
    2. Add an actual background color to the main menu. It gets lost in the image of the house on the home page.
    3. Call today button is not aligned and can barely be seen on desktop because of the sky in the house image.
    4. Text is cut off on the bottom line of the testimonials.
    5. Testimonials suck and do not look legitimate in any way. Expand, use real names, images, maybe even social media connection links.
    6. Change the font of the testimonials to match the rest of the site.
    7. Image of dude with baby has no explanation and adds nothing to the page except confusion.
    8. Why Choose Infinite copy needs to be overhauled and done much more fluently.
    9. Kitchens goes to www., Masonry and Basements do not.
    10. Change the font of the Kitchens/Masonry/Basements to match the rest of the site.
    11. Add some explanation to your map, maybe a color overlay or something as well. Right now it's just a map with the point. So what?
    12. What is this on the main menu? http://infinitehomeimprovements.com/kitch/
    13. About, Services, Gallery, Blog, and Contact lead to nothing and are just placeholders.
    14. Logo needs to be made larger. Can't see shit on desktop.
    15. Fluid fonts, colors and layout styles needed on Kitchens/Masonry/Basements pages.
    16. The images are fuzzy on the Kitchens/Masonry/Basements pages on desktop. Maybe fix that?
    17. Click here for free consultation button on Kitchens/Masonry/Basements pages does nothing.
    18. Footer is way too large. Adding a menu scroll will allow you to lose the "back to top" arrow.
    19. Fix your meta title and descriptions in Google searches. Even being placeholders shouldn't equal gibberish.
    Here are some tips on mobile.
    1. Still make the logo larger.
    2. Call Today button looks awful with that blue and orange, and the blue disappears and the button is unreadable right after clicking.
    3. Testimonials move way too fast in mobile.
    4. The top bar menu is completely gone.
    5. See all other suggestions in the desktop version.
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  3. Yankee Fever

    Yankee Fever Newbie

    Aug 25, 2012
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    i appreciate the time you took to look at the site and im getting to work on the stuff you mentioned.

    the website is a rough draft right now, and im really bashing my head against the wall trying to figure out a way to format the kichen/ masonry/ basement pages. do you have a suggestion for that?

    i do understand the site has bigger problems than that right now that need to be focused on first.
  4. DevXM

    DevXM Newbie

    Jul 21, 2015
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    start by changing this :p

    and i always look at some related sites to get ideas. it's a trial and error process, relax and take your time.