Can a person be petitioned to US by his mom even he is already married?

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    Sorry for this thread, because its kinda personal :D

    So my sister got pregnant and she and her boyfriend lived together.
    Her boyfriend doesnt do much work but only relying to his mother's money.
    When his mother came from the states (fyi, she's rich and got married to an american)
    Everything was ruined. She blames my sister too much because his son
    looks stressed, or smells bad, or his son never progressed in life.
    My sister, hurt, stayed away from them but her boyfriend still keep stalking
    my sister and their kids. But he never even stood up for my sister when she's
    being humiliated in front of the public and especially of the kids.
    The kids are having nightmares and traumas after that. The mom
    never stopped saying trash words even after she went back to US.

    Now my sister's boyfriend wants to marry my sister, but his mom is
    discouraging him that she might not able to petition him when he got married.
    Take note, the boyfriend has already lived in US for couple of years and more.

    1) Can he be petitioned to go to US even he get married?
    2) If we want to sue his mom, on what ground?
    i can provide further info if needed.

    sorry for the grammar :D

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    If the son was under 18 and not married it would been very easy to do this. But because he has children there, I doubt this is possible.

    He has a better chance to come before he gets married then call for his family however it takes time to get that many people thru.