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    hi everyone,

    i am currently working for a company that is about to start targeting Finnish market with a new product (online exhibitions) and the first exhibition is on Travel. so, the question popped up if it's possible to acquire 100000 unique visitors in 2 weeks using Google AdWords with respect to content networks (for PPC campaign is too expensive). Now, the question is, is this a good choice of campaign? is it realistic to receive this kind of response from the market? what kind of funds should we expect to allocate for this kind of task at hand?

    any word of advice is welcome, thanks a million!
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    Sep 17, 2008
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    Hi onlineexpo,

    in short: No, there is not that much potential in the finnish market to generate 100.000 Clicks on finnish relevant sites who use adsense within 2 weeks. No good idea. Use AdWords first, these clicks are more expensive, but they have better performance, that after all, the AdWords search traffic performance will be better than AdWords Content (AdSense) traffic performance. Use the Google Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator to generate Keywords (also long-tail keywords).

    Some random points you have to consider:
    - What are your goals (for example: With a budget of xyz: Generating new customers at the max CpL at xx €)
    - You need a decent keyword-based tracking system, best would be an automated bidmanagement system for adwords like searchignite, td searchware, doubleclick dart search et. al.
    - You need a deep understanding of Google AdWords, try to make the google advertising professional test first, to see where you are.

    After all. you really need a professional company or sem consultant, who plans and operates that campaign, otherwise you _will_ burn that money.