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Cam Ads- Post to CL

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by HauteMami, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. HauteMami

    HauteMami Newbie

    Apr 4, 2008
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    Making $$$
    Here is my quick definitive guide to getting some ching from CamKing Ads.

    This involves zero investment of dollars to get some conversions for cam ads.
    Use a guy ad and market to gays as well as women.

    Pick someone that is not too hot so it will be believable. Make sure they have non pro looking pics or steal some from hotornot.com and cut out their faces (body shots)
    For the cam guys, include a dick shot (steal it from any gay website) but make sure it's not too pro either.

    Ok, here goes

    1) Create 3 gmail accounts

    2) Make those gmail accounts cl accounts (register them)

    3) Use Outlook Express- set pop 3 accounts for your gmail accounts.

    4) Set Message rules for each account.

    5) Set auto responder (you can create this in notepad) to respond to each email- Your auto response is just directing them to IM you rather than email back and forth.

    Post on Craigslist in Casual Encounters in major cities. Make sure the posts are AT least 5 minutes apart if you don't have an IP switch. You can even do LTR but you better keep your story straight and be VERY detail oriented and organized.

    Make sure you are logged into your Instant messaging account for the Cam guy or girl.

    The responses will come, it's up to how good you are for a sales person to close the deal and be convincing. You will probably get an average of 1 sale per hour (that could be $20-$40 per hour) depending on who you are signed up with.

    Absolutely expect to make 1 or 2 sales starting out until you are comfortable and come up with your own nichey way of getting them to signup.

    If you entirely need more details on how to write a good convincing ad, setting up auto responders, choosing the right cam girl/guy to market, how to deal with idiots, good responses/comebacks then message me.

    If enough people are interested in more detail then I can do a phone consult for $50 for an hour with me or webinar with screenshots. (you should have this pegged in an hour or less).

    It'll take me a bit to compile the info for you, get it organized and get you on the right track to making $. I can almost guarantee you'll make the money back if you do what I recommend.

    Just don't get excited and tell all your friends because you are actually taking sales and money away from yourself.

    Right now, those 2 sections in CL are not saturated with Cam ads... they will be eventually so make your money QUICK and get out and don't blow it all on Xbox games. (kidding)

    I have no interest in persuing cam ads full force since I am marketing financials but I'd love to pass on what I know and see someone else on this great forum do a good job at it.

  2. gergdawg

    gergdawg Registered Member

    Jan 27, 2008
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    Thanks for the Method. Sounds good.