Calling YouTube Gurus - copyright lyric videos

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by sypherblade, Jun 6, 2013.

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    First off WTF!

    Second, I was working on a few upcoming lyric videos to jump some views on my channel and of course I come back this morning with a copyright notice and video removed. New song, just two days old from release. So I look for others in YouTube and if course the lyric video that the 16 year old fan girl in LA has her poorly done video in spot 1. No audio tuning done. No bogus "this is fair use" plastered all over her video. Nothing. Yet this asshole "Web Sheriff" sends me the claim. (not even video owner!)

    So what I'm really trying to find out is if anyone has experience with this. How some can get past the Content ID filters, and some can't. How some can avoid copyright, some can't. Makes no sense to me as there are thousands of videos with songs that are 30+ years old.

    Oh, and I'm aware sone artist allow it with ads attached. I have a lot that already do that.
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    are you putting your own music on your own video? please be extremely clear about what you are doing.
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    I dealed quite a fair amount of YT videos and how they works with copyright.

    However I do not understand what you are actually facing because lack of details provided. But to summarise your questions, all videos removed are processed by YT staff manually, so in your case it is definitely a legit copyright claim. You can search for Web Sheriff on google and you will know that it is a corporate providing service to privacy/copyright protection etc. They submit claims on behalf of their clients.

    If you wonder why the 16 years old fan girl does not get her video removed, either she was given permission to use the music/video or the claimant simply let her go. And also, the term "Under fair use..." does not protect your video from being removed at all, as YT stated that the fair use can only determined in court.

    For those thousand of old videos, most of them are probably "monetized" by the copyright owner. Copyright owner may choose to "remove the videos" too if they wish to. Or other options such as "track, but no action taken" or "mute the music worldwide/certain country", it is all up to the copyright owners.

    There are also black hat way to get pass Content ID filter, you can actually get pass Content ID filter if you know how to, and monetize the video if you want (some might fail because YT staff seems to manually reject some monetization request). However, the copyright owner can still search your video manually and file a claim on your video to get it removed if they wanted to.

    Hope it helps.