Calling all South Africans

Nov 3, 2009
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South Africans are clearly in the minority on this site though I have seen one or two.

Would be interested to see who all here is a South African and or lives in South Africa.

I myself am in Cape Town, South Africa.
So like, you ever like, pull a 419 on an American?

No Alwiser, you are getting it all wrong: The nigerians are the one with the scams ... Watch District 9 and you'll see... we are peaceful people only operating online casinos from our sunny country!

I'm in between JHB and CT ! any other Saffies?
But Cape Town is the white part of Africa. Are you seeking the scammers? Or the cool guys?
Cape Town is where all the cool guys are anyways.
And yes I am white, Brittish bloodline.

I'm from Mauritius.. Does that count?
Mauritius is awesome, love that place. When I went there I stayed at uhm I think it was called the Shandrani hotel. Cool place and hot babes.
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I wanna move to SA, Capetown in a few years from now. Is the crime rate as bad as everyone keeps telling me? Vacations are nice, but it'll obviously be different if I stayed there permanently.. any insight would be helpful.
I'm in Pretoria. Stayed at the coast all my life.
PTA still no 1
Im also in Pretoria. Been here my whole life. Strange weather we are having
Crazy that we have this crap weather in the middle of summer.
Are any south africans making good money online?
What is your definition of good money? :p I am still testing the waters....found no products yet that work for me.
Look the crime is undeniably higher in South Africa, than in a lot of other parts of the world. There are precautions you just have to take.

Like in certain places you don't go walking alone after 5pm, some places where you don't leave your house after dark especially in a car (*cough* johannesburg *cough*)
You install house alarm systems, use burglar bars, have security gates across your doors, install satellite tracking in your car, keep your car locked whether you are driving or not, don't visit certain areas, don't walk around with your cellphone out in shopping centers, etc etc

It is only as bad as you make it out to be. My house has been robbed twice in my 18 years of existence, been mugged once and threatened a few times. Others have never been touched at all, while again other have been robbed and mugged over and over again.

South Africa, especially Cape Town is a very beautiful, I am sure there will be a lot of buzz about it next year.

Yeah the weather is weird, even in Cape Town for this time of year.

As for money I am still learning and doing research.
I am Nigerian and I am proud to say I have never scammed any one both online and offline.
That aside I know for a fact the crime rate in SA is higher than that of NG, every where all over the world in different scenes you have the good guys and bad guys, even in the US you have for that movie District 9 I have seen it and i felt really bad bcos coming from SA less than a year after the attacks on Nigerians in SA, goes to show that South Africans really hate Nigerians.
Bump, anyone else from SA here? BTW If you are in SA (Especially Cape Town) I would love to talk to you on AIM/SKYPE/MSN about making money online, maybe we can even do something together. I am just starting with online marketing etc but I do have a quite a broad knowledge on the subject from reading ebook after ebook etc.
Send me a PM :)
Anymore? I keep wondering if I am going to bump into someone on here who I actually know irl :p
I am in Pretoria / Johannesburg. Midrand to be exact

WRT crime in SA. yes we have one of the highest murder rates in the world. Beaten only by civilwar countries and Columbia.
But before you start throwing stones. SA has dangerous areas and absolute blisfull areas. Just take some general safety advice from locals and you should havee the most amazing visit to probably one of the most beautifull countries in the world.
Crime is Not to good but as a Happy south african I am very positive of the future of SA. after all SA was recently listed as 4th on the world list of obeasity. Life can't be that bad if so many local are fat. I am still struggeling with IM, but thing seem to be picking up slowly. I have a IM friend in Potch who make about R50k per month with adsensew and worpress.

Did anny of you see or hear aboute the Meteor explosion over South Africa last night at about 11pm. I was watching tv, lying on the couch next to the window, when everything just LIT UP like crazy. almost like a VERY BRIGHT lightning. WTF. Today after speaking to some neighbours, I found out it was a meteor. seen right up to botswana.

Apologies for all the typos, I am posting from my phone.
I am from South Africa, but I have been living in Canada for the last 3 years.
Plan on going back though, I don't like it here :S
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