Call To Arms...Help Out if possible....

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    Hello fellow blackhatters, Sorn here, with a call to arm, a challenge if you will.

    First a little story behind whta I am trying to accomplish.

    Mickie, is a local boy here in houston, I've had the pleasure of meeting him and he is probably one of the most likable and talented kids I've ever had the opportunity to meet.

    It was a chance encounter, he is good friends with my wife's best friend's oldest son. And just so happen he needed a virus removed from his PC his 'Aunt' sold him for $200 (a complete ripoff IMO) I mean for christ sake it only has 256Mb of ram. His background is sorta tragic, Back during Hurricane Katrina he unfortunately lost his mother during the storm while they were living in Lousianna. He was moved in with his uncle here in houston, who just recently threw him out on the street, luckily he has very caring friends who took him in.

    What I am trying to do is get the word out about him and his music as much as possible. So whatever you all can do to help out would be absolutely fantastic.

    His dream is to be a rapper/music producer (isn't all kid's dream this, these days). Now i'm not really into rap, I think the last rap I listened to was tupac back in like 1994. But I took a listen to his freestyle rapping he does on his youtube page and it actually is pretty good.

    If you all would like to help out, maybe generate some buzz about him and his music, here is his youtube page, and you can select one or multiple videos to promote. Maybe by some slim chance someone in the right circles may notice him, and help turn his life around. It really pains me to see bad luck and horrible things happen to good people. So please join me in my fight here.

    Thank you,

    Mickie's You Tube Videos: