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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by lordzden, Jan 6, 2014.

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    What are lists of possible call to action sentences?

    We are a software company offering software solutions but the problem is we can't convert the traffic to leads or sales.
    From you own approach on this, what are your call to action for software website?

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    Well just try and look at your site from your visitors point of view of not knowing much about your product or site.

    Is it easy to navigate.
    Does it have enough information/too much information.
    Does it seem professional.

    There are tons more questions you can ask.
    Then have a look through your content, would you want to buy your product?
    You could offer discounts for first time buyers if you buy it multiple times or even a referral bonus. Collect their email address to give out discounts. Even offer something for very low cost to get them as an active buyer then look towards upsells or recurring products etc.

    Are you utilising any of these ideas/methods?
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    One mistake software companies do is throw everything and anything they can think of up on their Home Page, such as providing software solutions to both Retail and Industrial customers, and I think this is a HUGE mistake.

    Do one thing, do it well, and then market it.

    In part it's about attitude. It seems the OP has concluded that the reason why his traffic is not converting is because he has a substandard "call to action" and that adding a few "Magic Words" is going to somehow transform all that traffic into money. And I highly doubt that that is the case. I'd be willing to bet that I could provide a detailed analysis of his company website's Home Page, and give 10 substantive reasons why people that visit his site get either the wrong impression or a bad impression. I think this because of the simple-minded nature of the question in the OP. Real marketing never assumes that everything is perfect except for this one thing. People that think like that are horrible marketers, and their efforts will always be doomed to failure. Professionals have the ability to perceive their marketing image in the same way as their prospective customers do, and will then modify that image to make it as effective as possible. Which means that, during the evaluation, ALL the cards are on the table, and nothing is considered bullet-proof and "right", in fact it's more likely that an experienced professional is going to condemn the whole thing and call it all wrong.

    So my message to the OP is get off the idea that there is anything good about his Home Page at all, and instead start thinking about the probable fact that the whole thing is, 100%, from start to finish, wrong.
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