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    Feb 15, 2009
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    Hey everyone. I've been reading this forum all weekend. WHAT A GOLD MINE!!!

    anyway... i tried e-whoring for 5 hours on friday night but got nothing. i tried a few methods. i even had a fake webcam streaming and a voice changer... nothing :( the highlight was some guy saying "hey i have seen this exact video before" lol. what a chump

    i spent all day yesterday reading into other methods and got started in blogger blogs + adsense + affiliates.

    i would love it if a few of you guys could check out my blog and let me know if theres anything i can touch up: pet-ferret*blogspot*com/ . i'm not saying tell me how to do the site or what i should do just if anything stands out as being really bad (i'm new. if this violates some forum rules that i dont know about feel free to let me know and i'll remove the link).

    also... about ferrets lol... i was just looking around the affiliate links and found one that was paying well and not very competitive at all. i went ahead made a photoshop .gif (i had to learn how to use this program) and made a few articles by hand. i think i got everything right.

    well... glad to find a group of like-minded people and look out for more posts from me!