call center outsourcing in the Philippines

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    Hello All:

    I was not sure where to post this. So I apologize if it is in the wrong forum. Ok here goes.

    I am a Canadian living in the Philippines. I currently run a small team of SEO Specialist here mainly in the Blogging area. I am now thinking of going into the call center business here. I can rent a great place that will hold at least 50 people. That's 3 shifts so 150 people in total. I can get the financing and the staff that is not my concern.

    But the problem is I don't know where to start to get the equipment or the work. What kind of equipment I need and so on. I just started doing some research in this tonight. If anyone here has some tips or referrals I sure would appreciate it.

    I just stumbled onto this place for rent today and it would be perfect for this kind of business.

    You can PM me here or contact Franco at franko 4 4 4 4 @ g*mail.c0m

    Thanks for all of your help and suggestions in advance.