c-a-s-h-4-g-o-l-d affiliates???

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    Jan 6, 2010
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    hey wondering if anyone pushes this?

    i have my own cash for gold office and several sites and can pay much more then what these ripoffs are paying they have horrible reviews but because i pay higher i cant pay as much as they do for their mail gold kit forms.

    wondering if anyone can push this for me for my site and im willing to pay per lead

    can be tracked by....

    telephone calls, quote forms and mail gold in envelope requests

    also want VALID leads no fakes as this will be heavily checked as this is bhw, as for traffic .. I DONT CARE BE CREATIVE! ! !

    But again must convert and be legit.........

    this is what im thinking for the mail gold kit submits

    mail gold kit request forms - $4

    telephone quotes/inquiries - $2

    wondering opinions?