Bypassing SC and YT Promo channel curators (Paywalls)

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    Jan 31, 2017
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    Hi there,

    Today the results of our marketing for promoting some releases to SC & YT promo channels. Most of them said yes / approved / whatever but ask for money up front. There are two problems with that

    1. The fee they ask is way too high that the monetizing (rev by ads by many plays) is not worth the fee by a long shot

    2. Some take the monetizing on top of the fee. If I attempt to reclaim it, they will remove the vid (or have it in their terms, who read terms anyway?)

    Either way, this pay-to-upload scheme is taking over the industry and soon will lock out any without a deep pocket to back it up. So before this window closes, who has an option to ehm 'bypass' these pay wall curators and drop it instantaneously on their SC and YT channels? We should be stealthy about it though.

    I am open to suggestions. You can pitch it in PM along with your price to execute that suggestion. I will want to do a test run first to see if it works. Keep the price reasonable, I make money (monetizing) on these uploads so a 'you scratch my back and I scratch yours' price is appreciated.

    Looking forward to the suggestions! You're awesome.