Bypass Instagram 600 Following Limit?

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by kadir456, Dec 19, 2016.

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    Dec 9, 2016
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    When i Create a new Instagram account, i want to use it to a mobile app to get followers per Coins.
    Also i add this fake account, to the app, follow to get Coins and then i promote my Main account with Followers.

    But everytime when i reached the 600 of Following People, i cant get any more coins.
    I checked Instagram and try to follow someone in the App, but when i click the following Button, it turn one sec to "following" and then back to "follow".

    Then i make a new account, and verify them with my Phone number and email. (all accounts that i create is from the mobile Instagram app, and got verified with phone and email from the same country) - Then i go back to the Follwers App and starting following again, with a new account.
    After reaching the 600 Followings i cant follow again, with Full Account Verification.

    I Have to wait 1-2 or sometimes more weeks that IG unblock my accounts and i can start following again..
    This is to long for me, is there a chance and i can Bypass the Limit direct, so i dont hit the 600 Following Limits?

    Any help?
    Thanks in Advance
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    You need to start with 50follows/day then you do this for a week then go and do between 100-200 keep doing this for 2 weeks and so on... You can't bypass any other way.