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Feb 15, 2022
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SMM Panel :

Orders Placed : 2 (4k Watchtime, 1000 Subs)
Total Deposit : 200 USD

The advertised delivery for subs is 500/d . I checked today, I only had 60 (i'm not even sure if this is organic or due to the service). As for the watch hours, here is a screenshot from 12/4 and today.



As of today, the watch time has increased by 600 (AFTER 6 DAYS from my original order date!)
Overall, it is not as advertised and as you can see from my original order time, it has been well over 6 days.

I already requested a refund prior to the service starting, and all I got was generic replies :


When contacted on Whatsapp

I have already requested for the order to be cancelled and to be refunded beforehand and it was agreed to but he carried on anyway.

As advertised, they said refunds are provided if they are late.


Right now, I understand that the watchtime is being delivered. However, I wish to be refunded via Wise (payment option they provided) or my debit card as I am totally dissatisfied with the service speed. It has affected my work schedule on YT. I can excuse the extremely late delivery but I want my deposit back. Its not really about the money, more about the time wasted.

This is the first and the last time I'm using BuyTheFans.


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Mar 10, 2010
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