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buysale Scammed me out of $200 for a Facebook Viral Script......

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by Inception_AC, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. Inception_AC

    Inception_AC Jr. Executive VIP

    Feb 16, 2011
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    Ok so some of you know me here, Ive been here for a while, I do my best to help out, provide people with answers and answer about 20 pms a day, however I wont stand for those who promise something and do not deliver especially when money is involved.

    So long story short I was PM'd a few months back regarding a script that was a facebook viral script like those you see on facebook ''who are you gonna marry''

    I added the guy on skype and after a few messages I decided Ok I will take a punt with this and see how it goes.

    What was sent to me was half the script (which looked like it had been ripped) and then a load of excuses. Now I know this guy runs at least 5 of these sites and ive seen the whos.amung.us stats to prove they do work, however after him reading my posts on fb and the fact that I can get FB traffic easily he seemed to start to make up excuses.

    So are skype conversation started off well, I was positive and he seemed like a standup guy that wanted to sell me the script..... it all starts here...

    [25/08/2015 23:32:37] buy sale: FB Viral new script for sale if interested ping live traffic stats *************************[11/09/2015 15:49:01] Dave_Inception: how much?
    [11/09/2015 19:22:21] buy sale: 300 $ with full setup via teamviewer
    [12/09/2015 15:49:59] Dave_Inception: how do u make money through these? google ads?
    [12/09/2015 15:54:19] buy sale: yes
    [15/09/2015 17:56:11] Dave_Inception: have u got an image of earnings?
    [15/09/2015 19:44:08] Dave_Inception: I'm really interesting in this :)
    [15/09/2015 20:43:31] buy sale: im just a seller of the script mate
    [22/09/2015 22:25:21] buy sale: ?
    [23/09/2015 19:21:25] buy sale: can we chat ?
    [29/09/2015 16:37:12] Dave_Inception: do I need an approved app on facebook? like a status submitted app?
    [29/09/2015 16:37:36] buy sale: nope
    [29/09/2015 16:38:08] Dave_Inception: ok, what is the default app installed? I assume it isn't all of the ones on the demo u showed me
    [29/09/2015 16:39:39] buy sale: u mean default app permissions ?
    [29/09/2015 16:39:53] Dave_Inception: no I mean when you install the app, is there a niche on it already?
    [29/09/2015 16:40:36] buy sale: app does not has a niche . script has niche in backend which post with user image to his news feed
    [29/09/2015 16:49:03] Dave_Inception: what is the niche that comes with the script?
    [29/09/2015 16:50:02] buy sale: all this niches *****************
    [29/09/2015 16:54:24] Dave_Inception: ok. so I will need a domain for you to set up on?
    [29/09/2015 16:55:12] buy sale: ya just domain and hosting i will provide script ... ssl certificate or https link for ur domain with full script setup support
    [29/09/2015 16:59:12] Dave_Inception: ok,I need your BHW username and also your paypal to send the money :)
    [29/09/2015 16:59:56] buy sale: BHW Username : buysale
    [29/09/2015 17:00:11] buy sale: paypal id : ***************@yahoo.com
    [29/09/2015 17:04:52] Dave_Inception: ok soon as the dns is ready in about 30 mins I will send it over :)
    [29/09/2015 17:05:23] buy sale: ok mate (y)
    [29/09/2015 18:24:17] Dave_Inception: ************
    [29/09/2015 18:24:19] Dave_Inception: dns isn't up yet :(#
    [29/09/2015 19:34:46] buy sale: ?
    [29/09/2015 19:35:02] Dave_Inception: I'm waiting for the domain to dns to the host
    [29/09/2015 19:35:22] buy sale: ok
    [29/09/2015 19:38:40] Dave_Inception: what do I need to have ready apart from the domain? jus so I can start to set things up
    [29/09/2015 19:39:02] buy sale: do u have fb pva acc ?
    [29/09/2015 19:39:06] Dave_Inception: yes
    [29/09/2015 19:39:13] buy sale: noting more then
    [29/09/2015 19:39:18] Dave_Inception: ok :)
    [29/09/2015 20:19:45] buy sale: ur site is up
    [29/09/2015 20:44:01] Dave_Inception: yep just getting the pva ready now
    [29/09/2015 20:47:09] Dave_Inception: ok ready. gonna send the money now
    [29/09/2015 20:47:26] buy sale: ok
    [29/09/2015 20:48:36] Dave_Inception: sent!
    [29/09/2015 20:50:20] buy sale: ok sending u script to ur paypal email id mate
    [29/09/2015 20:52:12] Dave_Inception: ok :)
    [29/09/2015 21:09:55] Dave_Inception: let me know when its sent :)
    [29/09/2015 21:10:21] buy sale: yes sure packing all in zip
    [29/09/2015 21:24:31] Dave_Inception: ok :)
    [29/09/2015 21:30:10] buy sale: Ok sending ur website script to email id ******************
    [29/09/2015 21:30:14] buy sale: is it right ?
    [29/09/2015 21:30:26] Dave_Inception: yep :)
    [29/09/2015 21:36:12] buy sale: Script sent to your paypal email id
    [29/09/2015 21:43:59] Dave_Inception: ok I taked its ***************** that I need to replace and not ******************?
    [29/09/2015 21:44:30] buy sale: yes change 369apps link to urs in script
    [29/09/2015 21:44:41] Dave_Inception: there is no 369apps link, its all vyralmonster.com
    [29/09/2015 21:45:07] buy sale: let me check
    [29/09/2015 21:47:08] buy sale: ya replace that link to urs
    [29/09/2015 22:02:51] Dave_Inception: ok uploaded. do I select facebook canvas or website?
    [29/09/2015 22:03:04] buy sale: fb canvas
    [29/09/2015 22:03:44] Dave_Inception: do I need to create a new app for every niche?
    [29/09/2015 22:03:51] buy sale: no
    [29/09/2015 22:03:54] Dave_Inception: ok :)
    [29/09/2015 22:05:23] Dave_Inception: have u got a screenshot of what the facebook app will look like in settings?
    [29/09/2015 22:08:08] buy sale: http://puu.sh/ksO8X/c174e5cb87.png
    [29/09/2015 22:10:09] Dave_Inception: ok done :)
    [29/09/2015 22:10:14] Dave_Inception: I need an ssl certificate?
    [29/09/2015 22:10:21] buy sale: ya
    [29/09/2015 22:20:02] Dave_Inception: ok whats after the certificate part?
    [29/09/2015 22:20:16] Dave_Inception: also how easy is it to make new niches? the marrage one on 369apps looks good!
    [29/09/2015 22:20:48] buy sale: as soon as ssl attached u need insert in fb canvas secure url then need to save and make app live with basic permission
    [29/09/2015 22:23:50] Dave_Inception: done :)
    [29/09/2015 22:24:22] buy sale: send me ur script url
    [29/09/2015 22:24:28] Dave_Inception: http://************/
    [29/09/2015 22:25:24] Dave_Inception: I need to insert the app id into the site
    [29/09/2015 22:25:32] buy sale: ya
    [29/09/2015 22:27:25] buy sale: ur ssl not secure its giving error ********************
    [29/09/2015 22:30:19] Dave_Inception: damn
    [29/09/2015 22:30:45] Dave_Inception: ahh I need a dedicated ip address?
    [29/09/2015 22:35:18] Dave_Inception: ok after the ssl part, I need to insert the app id into the script, where is it located? I checked auth.php but didn't see it
    [29/09/2015 22:36:17] buy sale: in index.php
    [29/09/2015 22:36:26 | Edited 22:54:03] buy sale: in auth.php
    [29/09/2015 22:52:59] Dave_Inception: process.php only has the website url?
    [29/09/2015 22:53:51] buy sale: auth.php
    [29/09/2015 22:54:50] Dave_Inception: **************&redirect_uri=http://************/auth.php
    [29/09/2015 22:54:52] Dave_Inception: that?
    [29/09/2015 22:55:14] buy sale: ya
    [29/09/2015 23:11:25] Dave_Inception: I change this ************** to my app id?
    [29/09/2015 23:11:37] buy sale: yes
    [29/09/2015 23:13:59] Dave_Inception: https://************/
    [29/09/2015 23:14:45] buy sale: ur ssl has problem
    [29/09/2015 23:14:53] Dave_Inception: works for me
    [29/09/2015 23:15:21] buy sale: in index.php did u changed app ids
    [29/09/2015 23:15:23] buy sale: ?
    [29/09/2015 23:15:28] Dave_Inception: doung now
    [29/09/2015 23:17:59] Dave_Inception: isn't working, when I click accept on the app in returns me to the index page
    [29/09/2015 23:18:50] buy sale: its working here
    [29/09/2015 23:18:58] buy sale: u already allowed app i think
    [29/09/2015 23:19:12] Dave_Inception: isnt wrking here
    [29/09/2015 23:19:28] Dave_Inception: just removed the app and tried again, same problem
    [29/09/2015 23:19:48] buy sale: http://puu.sh/ksSPH/81554ec88e.jpg
    [29/09/2015 23:20:13] Dave_Inception: yeah when u click okay it returns to the index.php and doesn't post to the wall
    [29/09/2015 23:21:25] buy sale: what did u changed in process.php
    [29/09/2015 23:21:52] Dave_Inception: only the website link, that's all that's in there there is no app id
    [29/09/2015 23:22:13] buy sale: which site link u inserted there
    [29/09/2015 23:22:23] Dave_Inception: my own
    [29/09/2015 23:24:24] Dave_Inception: if I search for the app id that is already there which is ****************** there is one of those on every html page
    [29/09/2015 23:24:56] Dave_Inception: on auth.php the id is ******************
    [29/09/2015 23:27:21] buy sale: ya need to change app ids to urs also windoes.location in process.php there should be ur money page url which has ads or ur content locker link which ever u want to insert
    [29/09/2015 23:27:49] Dave_Inception: in process.php is it https or http??
    [29/09/2015 23:28:19] Dave_Inception: ahh I see
    [29/09/2015 23:28:28] buy sale: did u get it now ?
    [29/09/2015 23:28:44] Dave_Inception: hmmm lets try bthis, so I need to change all the app ids to my own one? hopefully it works
    [29/09/2015 23:29:21] buy sale: ya each niche has app id all same ids not dif just one app id which need to replace
    [29/09/2015 23:31:06] Dave_Inception: nope still isnt posting to my wall
    [29/09/2015 23:31:31] Dave_Inception: when I click on the one in 369 apps it makes me share it on my wall
    [29/09/2015 23:31:33] Dave_Inception: this isnt working
    [29/09/2015 23:32:58] buy sale: gosh too tired 4 at night here :P .... let me recheck ur script
    [29/09/2015 23:36:35] Dave_Inception: really need this working as I have to get it up and running in the morning
    [29/09/2015 23:42:12] buy sale: can i request u something
    [29/09/2015 23:42:21] Dave_Inception: yes?
    [29/09/2015 23:42:50] buy sale: gone really tired can we chat tomorrow mate ? need sleep
    [29/09/2015 23:43:03] Dave_Inception: yeah ok, I need this sorted though
    [29/09/2015 23:43:46] buy sale: gn mate i will ping u as soon as me be on my lap
    [29/09/2015 23:43:57] Dave_Inception: ok
    [30/09/2015 13:40:40] Dave_Inception: I need this sorted today or I'm gonna have to ask for a refund
    [30/09/2015 14:26:43] Dave_Inception: you there?
    [30/09/2015 15:06:14] Dave_Inception: ??
    [30/09/2015 15:11:15] buy sale: hi yes me on mobile comming on my lap n 30 minutes :)
    [30/09/2015 16:14:27] Dave_Inception: ok
    [30/09/2015 16:33:01] buy sale: ya today ur site will be fully done im on the way comig
    [30/09/2015 16:34:43] Dave_Inception: ok thanks
    [30/09/2015 19:56:30] buy sale: Hi u there ?
    [30/09/2015 20:26:39] buy sale: reply mate im waiting for u
    [30/09/2015 21:09:34] buy sale: bro waiting for u from 2 hours ...
    [30/09/2015 21:12:46] buy sale: it seems u not online ... well send me ur hosting details if u can so that i can make ur script fully working will work on it when im online ... cya bro
    [30/09/2015 22:22:09] Dave_Inception: ************
    username: ***************
    password: ***************
    [30/09/2015 22:22:17] Dave_Inception: I'm out at the mo. is that all u need?
    [30/09/2015 22:22:52] Dave_Inception: 9844********* is my app id
    [01/10/2015 14:37:17] Dave_Inception: u back?
    [01/10/2015 19:15:41] Dave_Inception: will this be done tonight?
    [01/10/2015 19:50:16] buy sale: yes sure
    [02/10/2015 17:13:27] Dave_Inception: sure?
    [02/10/2015 20:38:42] buy sale: Hi yes worked on ur cpanel yesterday some files need to be added which me donw like result.php and share.php
    [02/10/2015 20:40:51] buy sale: Im on mobiles ridget nowe itz weekend saturday sunday... ur script just need to add some php code in result.php which is on my lap can u plz give me sometime untill monday mate
    [02/10/2015 20:54:09] Dave_Inception: yes ok. will this 100% work??
    [02/10/2015 21:03:41] buy sale: yes... thanks
    [05/10/2015 14:44:28] Dave_Inception: today then?
    [05/10/2015 15:03:34] buy sale: yes today it will be donw i will ping u as soon
    [05/10/2015 15:03:44] Dave_Inception: great thanks!
    [05/10/2015 22:11:28] Dave_Inception: please mate I need this today
    [06/10/2015 02:58:07] Dave_Inception: :( I'm gonna have to ask for a refund mate :(
    [06/10/2015 11:00:59] Dave_Inception: ??
    [06/10/2015 16:44:08] Dave_Inception: hye man
    [06/10/2015 20:57:10] Dave_Inception: come onnnnn :(
    [06/10/2015 20:57:50] buy sale: (joy)
    [06/10/2015 20:58:13] Dave_Inception: get it working?
    [06/10/2015 20:58:28] buy sale: how come u know i m working on ur script
    [06/10/2015 20:58:50] Dave_Inception: cause igts been 3 days so u gotta be haha
    [06/10/2015 20:58:53] Dave_Inception: its*
    [06/10/2015 20:59:02] buy sale: ya haha
    [06/10/2015 20:59:16] Dave_Inception: I really need it tonight man
    [06/10/2015 20:59:22] buy sale: it will be done in 1 hour
    [06/10/2015 20:59:28] Dave_Inception: excellent thanks
    [06/10/2015 20:59:45] buy sale: (rock)
    [06/10/2015 21:06:40] Dave_Inception: how often does the app get deleted?
    [06/10/2015 21:06:55 | Edited 21:07:06] buy sale: mine still alive from 4 months
    [06/10/2015 21:07:06] Dave_Inception: do u make much money from it?
    [06/10/2015 21:07:24] buy sale: not big but just 80-90 $
    [06/10/2015 21:07:27] buy sale: from ads
    [06/10/2015 21:07:31] Dave_Inception: a month?
    [06/10/2015 21:07:37] buy sale: lol per day
    [06/10/2015 21:07:50] Dave_Inception: lol ha! was gonna say that's not a lot if it was per month
    [06/10/2015 21:08:13] buy sale: running 4 sites
    [06/10/2015 21:08:17] buy sale: http://www.**************
    [06/10/2015 21:09:55] Dave_Inception: u should have sent me one of the other sripts it woulda been easier haha
    [06/10/2015 21:10:09] buy sale: all same
    [06/10/2015 21:10:23] buy sale: just css change
    [06/10/2015 21:10:55] Dave_Inception: I know but mine was missing parts
    [06/10/2015 21:11:23] buy sale: need to confesh something
    [06/10/2015 21:12:42] Dave_Inception: whats the best way to get startup traffic?
    [06/10/2015 21:14:06] ***  ***
    [06/10/2015 21:14:12] buy sale: enjoy
    [06/10/2015 21:16:38] Dave_Inception: ahh yeah I think I had it before, I'm using massplanner to post to groups at the moment
    [06/10/2015 21:17:23] buy sale: ;)
    [06/10/2015 21:17:52] Dave_Inception: thanks for the DL. just gotta get the startup traffic, I was gonna but a page status update
    [06/10/2015 21:18:22] buy sale: just be ready for c and d from fb
    [06/10/2015 21:18:28] buy sale: use safly
    [06/10/2015 21:19:12] Dave_Inception: ive already had one haha
    [06/10/2015 21:19:29] buy sale: (y)
    [06/10/2015 22:46:14] Dave_Inception: almost ready?? :d
    [06/10/2015 22:53:51] Dave_Inception: can u upload to my server tonight when your done and let me know so I know to promite it thanks!#
    [07/10/2015 12:54:46] Dave_Inception: done??
    [07/10/2015 15:53:32] Dave_Inception: hey man
    [07/10/2015 15:56:13] Dave_Inception: lets do thissssssssssssss haha
    [07/10/2015 15:56:58] buy sale: yaa :) just setting up new niches too
    [07/10/2015 15:57:15] Dave_Inception: excellent, need to get this started ive got my groups ready to post
    [07/10/2015 23:03:33] Dave_Inception: any chance of# getting this today? ive spent 50$ on advertising that I cant use now already :(
    [07/10/2015 23:54:50] Dave_Inception: :(
    [08/10/2015 07:33:01] Dave_Inception: Hi??
    [08/10/2015 07:39:57] Dave_Inception: this needs sorted today! why cant u just rip your site and send it?? :(
    [08/10/2015 08:58:22] Dave_Inception: ??????????????
    [08/10/2015 21:36:07] buy sale: yo sorry bro was just busy with my own updating stuff
    [08/10/2015 21:36:38] buy sale: i will sure complet ur script soon and ping u here :)
    [09/10/2015 11:17:25] Dave_Inception: :S
    [09/10/2015 12:12:18] Dave_Inception: I we 100% getting this today?
    [09/10/2015 19:22:10] Dave_Inception: hey man
    [09/10/2015 19:23:59] Dave_Inception: if your sites are working why cant you just send me the script from 369app that works? I don't get it
    [10/10/2015 23:34:07] Dave_Inception: should I refund on paypal????
    [12/10/2015 00:08:19] Dave_Inception: ?>?????
    [12/10/2015 15:00:13] Dave_Inception: hey man, I'm gonna do a refund on paypal in the next few hours
    [12/10/2015 15:50:33] buy sale: yo im back online was weekend :)
    [12/10/2015 16:12:25] Dave_Inception: hey when will this be finished? its been over a week man
    [12/10/2015 16:13:17] buy sale: untill tomorrow t will be done as im busy with my own stuff too so today or tomorrow will be done will ping u instantly when finished]
    [12/10/2015 16:13:32] Dave_Inception: ok but it really needs to be tomorrow :(
    [13/10/2015 12:05:27] Dave_Inception: :)
    [13/10/2015 14:03:08] Dave_Inception: all set
    [13/10/2015 14:03:08] Dave_Inception: ?
    [13/10/2015 14:09:36] Dave_Inception: gimmie some good news haha
    [13/10/2015 14:33:04] Dave_Inception: cmon cmon cmon hahaha
    [13/10/2015 17:32:02] Dave_Inception: man am I gonna have to refund this on paypal?
    [13/10/2015 18:38:46] Dave_Inception: :( I was so looking forward to this
    [13/10/2015 18:51:06] Dave_Inception: going onto paypal now :(
    [13/10/2015 18:53:50] buy sale: online just :)
    [13/10/2015 18:54:15] buy sale: let me chech its done or not running on ur server
    [13/10/2015 18:56:11] Dave_Inception: its not I just checked, still missing part of the script
    [13/10/2015 18:59:06] Dave_Inception: you also said u were updating niches, nothing has changed in a week
    [13/10/2015 19:29:15] Dave_Inception: ???????
    [13/10/2015 19:34:40] Dave_Inception: I'm heading out soon so I'm gonna do a revert charge mate, people cant afford $300 for nothing
    [13/10/2015 21:24:50] Dave_Inception: so u were never gonna send the complete script?
    [13/10/2015 21:32:58] Dave_Inception: if u can sort the script i can cancel the claim, just to let u know this is the third claim i have made with something like this and the buyer always wins
    [13/10/2015 21:33:25] Dave_Inception: its $300 for you to sort something which u already have on your site. i dont see why you wouldnt just sort the problem
    [13/10/2015 21:39:55] Dave_Inception: ?????????????
    [13/10/2015 21:41:27] buy sale: Hi dude why u opened paypal dispute ?
    [13/10/2015 21:41:38] Dave_Inception: because after 14 days i have no script
    [13/10/2015 21:41:43] buy sale: didnt me sent u script and reply always ?
    [13/10/2015 21:41:54] Dave_Inception: you told me a week ago it was ready and it wasnt
    [13/10/2015 21:42:30] buy sale: dude u also has script cant u setup as me already sent u script
    [13/10/2015 21:42:50] Dave_Inception: what??? you messaged mea week ago saying you realised parts of the script were missing
    [13/10/2015 21:42:53] Dave_Inception: which they are
    [13/10/2015 21:43:00] Dave_Inception: ive had people check the script, its incomplete
    [13/10/2015 21:43:12] Dave_Inception: ive give you the ftp details and you havent done anything over a week ago
    [13/10/2015 21:43:28] buy sale: ya said but its fixed now and today evening me replied u just need to uplon on ur server
    [13/10/2015 21:43:40] buy sale: and then u directly open dispute not fare
    [13/10/2015 21:43:54] Dave_Inception: no u said let me check if it was ready
    [13/10/2015 21:44:15] Dave_Inception: you have my ftp details. i can close the dispute if you show me the script working on my server
    [13/10/2015 21:44:40] buy sale: dude its not ur script im working on started setup of more 4 scripts for my more 4 customers
    [13/10/2015 21:44:54] buy sale: http://****************
    [13/10/2015 21:45:00] Dave_Inception: man i paid u on the 28th september. 2 weeks ago. u cant sell an incomplete script
    [13/10/2015 21:45:02] buy sale: see all done in this week me never had time
    [13/10/2015 21:45:45] buy sale: today ur all done and now u messed it up no pro ... lets paypal decide
    [13/10/2015 21:46:26] Dave_Inception: today im all done???? how??? what have u showed me that proves that my script is complete?? if it was you would upload it to my server and i can close the dispute, you know its not complete
    [13/10/2015 21:47:03] Dave_Inception: I will win the dispute, I trade 25,000$ a month through paypal, so if you wanna do this then fair enough, im giving you the option. im also opening a BHW shitlist if this isnt sorted tonight
    [13/10/2015 21:47:33] Dave_Inception: you keep saying ''its late here tomorrow'' tomorrow never comes
    [13/10/2015 21:47:44] Dave_Inception: you know it, i know it, paypal knows it, and BHW will know it
    [13/10/2015 21:47:57] buy sale: dude memostly keeps updating u always
    [13/10/2015 21:48:15] Dave_Inception: updating me on what?????? you havent done anything, it still looks the same as 2 weeks ago
    [13/10/2015 21:48:21] Dave_Inception: upload the script if its ready..................
    [13/10/2015 21:49:01] buy sale: im not gona work untill u close dispute now im free im here to help thats final
    [13/10/2015 21:49:53] Dave_Inception: that makes no sense?? u said its ready. so u can upload it u have my ftp details
    [13/10/2015 21:50:11] buy sale: whats ur website link ?
    [13/10/2015 21:50:14] Dave_Inception: once u show me its complete I will close the dispute, if not I will win the dispute and you will lose the money
    [13/10/2015 21:51:07] Dave_Inception: http://************/
    [13/10/2015 21:51:14] Dave_Inception: it isnt working, its incomplete
    [13/10/2015 21:55:44] Dave_Inception: so what we gonna do?
    [13/10/2015 22:14:03] Dave_Inception: well??
    [13/10/2015 22:14:08] Dave_Inception: i want this to happen mate
    [13/10/2015 22:15:31] buy sale: u has my final dicision me also tried hard to sort it all but u messed last movement close case im here online more 1 hour
    [13/10/2015 22:17:14] ***  ***
    [13/10/2015 22:17:27] Dave_Inception: no sorry. once the work is complete I will close the dispute. look at my rep on BHW. im a reputible business man. you know and I know when I close the dispute I cant reopen it
    [13/10/2015 22:17:34] buy sale: im least interested in ur money i have my own sources just want my paypal acc clear
    [13/10/2015 22:18:12] Dave_Inception: you will lose this dispute mate, sorry to say but it happens all the time. i will clear it if u can provide the work which u have not
    [13/10/2015 22:19:35] Dave_Inception: do u want the ftp or not?
    [13/10/2015 22:19:48] buy sale: me has iit
    [13/10/2015 22:20:40] Dave_Inception: then finish the work and let me close the dispute
    [13/10/2015 22:28:10] Dave_Inception: well? cmon man
    [13/10/2015 22:49:34] Dave_Inception: last chance mate, or its a shitlist thread also on bhw
    [14/10/2015 11:44:47] Dave_Inception: ????
    [14/10/2015 16:01:36] Dave_Inception: still nothing?
    [14/10/2015 16:21:36] Dave_Inception: ????
    [23:37:05] Dave_Inception: Hi Mate
    [23:44:34] Dave_Inception: shitlist thread about to go online
    $300 I paid for the script, I have the script online for those who wish to see it, what was missing was the key factors, the part that actually made it go viral or infact did anything at all.

    I even promised him last night (Wednesday 15th October 2015) that I would pay him $25 if he could just upload the missing files and I would close the Paypal dispute. Ive never lost a Paypal dispute in my life, my business passes too much money through PP for them to write me off.

    His BHW username is: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/members/357509-buysale.html

    Dont ever mistake kindess for weakness.... but this has become a joke! I dont want Anyone else getting scammed by this guy!
  2. Apricot

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    Mar 26, 2013
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    BHW Admin
    Station 2E
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    Accused member has been notified and has 48 hours to respond.

    Inception_AC - have noticed your thread about the paypal dispute. Can you PM me with more information.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2015
  3. Inception_AC

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    Feb 16, 2011
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    PM Sent.

    Just realised the thread says $200. It was actually $300.
  4. niel96

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    Apr 4, 2014
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    Was this solved?
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  5. SeoWrecker

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    Jul 16, 2012
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    Doesn't matter
    I see the accused member is still online.. Was this solved ?
  6. buysale

    buysale BANNED BANNED

    Jul 19, 2012
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    • Did not respond to shitlist, did not refund buyer, chased a year later to get the thread removed but did not provide any proof of his claims. Banned.
    Its solved guys .... admin plz close this thread
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  7. Apricot

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    BHW Admin
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    Apologies to @Inception_AC for this not being dealt with in a timely manner. buysale contacted me to request the thread's removal as it was damaging his reputation. As he did not ever respond to this thread, did not willingly provide a refund to the buyer and has provided absolutely no proof that he delivered the finished script, buysale has been banned. The matter was not dealt with properly on the shitlist thread so, in the interests of transparency and fairness, I've posted the redacted skype logs here:

    [23/01/2017 12:51:07] buy sale: r u there ?
    [23/01/2017 12:52:15] buy sale: i want thread to be removed mate
    [23/01/2017 13:25:40] Apricot: you'll need to send me a PM requesting this with the thread link and I'll look at it.
    [23/01/2017 13:26:05] buy sale: Thats the thread mate https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/buysale-scammed-me-out-of-200-for-a-facebook-viral-script.795449/
    [23/01/2017 13:26:48] buy sale: its closed and its old post around 2 year back but its making my reputation down if its there
    [23/01/2017 13:26:54] Apricot: ok, like I said, send me it via PM so I can verify you're the account owner.
    [23/01/2017 13:26:55] buy sale: i need it to be removed plz
    [23/01/2017 13:27:08] buy sale: its me buysale from bhw
    [23/01/2017 13:27:28] Apricot: I need the request sent via PM
    [23/01/2017 13:27:38] Apricot: not allowed to do it over skype
    [23/01/2017 13:27:38] buy sale: ic let me try to send pm now
    [23/01/2017 13:28:33] buy sale: how can i send u pm i dont see any option me on ur profile https://www.blackhatworld.com/members/apricot.655173/
    [23/01/2017 13:29:26] buy sale: me just followed u
    [23/01/2017 13:29:33] Apricot: You will see a yellow button at the top of your inbox with "Start New Conversation"
    [23/01/2017 13:31:18] buy sale: ya sent msg
    [23/01/2017 13:31:56] Apricot: ok, I'll look at it as soon as I can.
    [23/01/2017 13:32:04] buy sale: ys plz
    [23/01/2017 14:48:59] buy sale: can u make out some time reply mate https://www.blackhatworld.com/conversations/hi-its-buysale.7211846/
    [23/01/2017 14:53:59] Apricot: Please be patient - am working through lots of PM's and replies. Yours will be done in turn as soon as I possibly can.
    [23/01/2017 14:54:15] buy sale: ok
    [23/01/2017 15:55:28] Apricot: I've had a look at the SL thread - you didn't do anything to resolve the situation at all?
    [23/01/2017 16:10:03] Apricot: You didn't answer the SL thread and you didn't refund the guy, and when he made a paypal dispute you blocked him on skype. Is that correct?
    [23/01/2017 18:54:20] buy sale: not at all ... the problem was in script which accured when fb updated its code and later on me solved it vi giving updated code
    [23/01/2017 18:56:02] Apricot: did you refund him or did he win a paypal dispute?
    [23/01/2017 19:15:39] buy sale: ya he win paypal dispute
    [23/01/2017 19:16:25] Apricot: so you didn't refund him? And you didn't answer the SL thread?
    [23/01/2017 19:17:42] buy sale: the discussion or resolution taken time he sked for refund on paypal in 24 hours as soon as me sent him full script me helped to install all setup too but cause fb updated code his finl lnding page script not working
    [23/01/2017 19:17:53] buy sale: so it taken time and untill that he won case
    [23/01/2017 19:18:07] buy sale: and also he got working script later in 5 days
    [23/01/2017 19:18:10] buy sale: thats what happened
    [23/01/2017 19:18:44] Apricot: That's not the information I have. You'll need to send me this evidence. Send me the skype logs and the paypal dispute screenshots and I will look into this.
    [23/01/2017 19:19:10] buy sale: ok i will try to send all dispute screen shots
    [23/01/2017 19:19:23] buy sale: also this is before 2 yers
    [23/01/2017 19:19:36] buy sale: so its too hard to find it
    [23/01/2017 19:19:45] buy sale: i thaught u can help removing thread
    [23/01/2017 19:20:13] buy sale: but u not understand what happen when some reputtion in risk
    [23/01/2017 19:20:34] buy sale: u can see he also not replied to thread
    [23/01/2017 19:20:54] buy sale: cause dispute was solved and he got script too but now trouble for me
    [23/01/2017 19:21:20] buy sale: finding old 2 years back all details dont know how come me
    [23/01/2017 19:22:36] Apricot: How is it damaging your reputation when you don't have a sales thread and you've never been a Jr VIP? Are you selling outside the marketplace on the forum?
    [23/01/2017 19:23:14] buy sale: mate i dont has sales thread but its my name or username there which is BUYSALE which is also my skype username
    [23/01/2017 19:23:34] buy sale: so when anyone search on google about me this thread comes about scam
    [23/01/2017 19:23:51] Apricot: Well, you should have replied to the SL when you were asked to. I don't have time to discuss this now. You can send me the details either here or via PM.
    [23/01/2017 19:24:02] buy sale: this month 2 users came to me for my service which is for buying fb ad acc
    [23/01/2017 19:24:17] buy sale: but gone cause of this scam thread when was old he broke trust
    [23/01/2017 19:25:01] Apricot: Again, you were told to reply to the thread and you didn't. This is your fault. So now you need to prove that you weren't scamming before I can delete the thread.
    [23/01/2017 19:25:17] buy sale: got his chat sending screen shot that he got refund
    [23/01/2017 19:26:50] buy sale: here it is
    [23/01/2017 19:26:53] buy sale: [screenshot replaced with redacted version here: https://i.gyazo.com/ad08ad65adf70c60d999796df5490e43.png ]
    [23/01/2017 19:32:06] buy sale: [screenshot replaced with redacted version here: https://i.gyazo.com/9c224f6e9b7f8a94a633eacecf9e6619.png]
    [23/01/2017 19:32:16] buy sale: thats the script setup help me done
    [23/01/2017 19:32:34] buy sale: [screenshot replaced with redacted version here: https://i.gyazo.com/d55110da6ffb3774d6f287a42ea84610.png]
    [23/01/2017 19:35:33] buy sale: sent u pm too about all script shot links
    [23/01/2017 19:35:45] Apricot: ok, thank you. I will review this tomorrow.
    [23/01/2017 19:36:00] buy sale: mate this is imp for me for my business so plz takeout some time soon ... hoping best
    [23/01/2017 19:36:43] buy sale: installed script of buyer on this link too but as its 2 yers passed its down http://www.************.com/
    [12:43:35] buy sale: issue still not solved
    [13:34:14] Apricot: I know. So why didn't you reply to the shitlist thread?
    [13:35:30] buy sale: i was not online that time and when came was busy with my own stuff and later when came to skype tried to solve and update code and given the buyer
    [13:38:42] Apricot: no, that's not true. I can see that you had activity on the forum and logged in multiple times in the 4 weeks after the thread was posted and you had the notification.
    [13:39:30] buy sale: ya had notifications and seen thread too so tryied best to give buyer his updated code which he got
    [13:39:44] Apricot: why didn't you reply to the thread?
    [13:40:33] buy sale: i was not having updated code that time to say its resolved and later me never given importance to that thread as buyer got this service
    [13:40:39] buy sale: but now its troubleing me mate
    [13:41:28] Apricot: https://i.gyazo.com/8eb681be63b46dfbf63dd36cd9318058.png
    [13:42:19] buy sale: ?
    [13:43:06] Apricot: you were told to respond in 48 hours. It took you over a year to reply and it was just to ask that the thread be closed.
    [13:44:54] buy sale: when this issue happened me given importance to resolve it via giving buyer his updated code thats the point and when given buyer his service me actually never ggiven importance for that thread which was my mistake that time me agreed
    [13:45:58] Apricot: your skype logs don't show me anything other than him telling you that he was filing a dispute. You've cut out lots of the replies.
    [13:46:45] buy sale: mate me never scammed or done any spamming of my service on any forum or on bhw me always tried best to give my full support too so me just want to be clear for by business which me doing from long time so help me to remove that thread
    [13:47:50] buy sale: ys sent u skype chats where buyer got his refund too which he said he opened dispute and he won too with and full working script its not that me never given his script and run away blocking him without any answer me tried to solve problem later too
    [13:49:42] Apricot: you didn't give him all the files and you didn't refund him willingly. I missed updating this thread - because you didn't reply and you didn't refund him willingly, I should have banned you after you ignored the notification.
    [13:51:23] buy sale: me given files all wworking which me had
    [13:51:39] buy sale: and when given in 2 days fb updated his code so not worked
    [13:51:48] Apricot: ok. The only way I can see to solve this is if I re-open the thread and let the buyer reply to this.
    [13:51:56] buy sale: so tried to solve it but untill he openes dispute
    [13:52:39] buy sale: and he won dispute by excelating case to paypal
    [13:52:59] buy sale: in that all my loss
    [13:53:19] buy sale: given service for free and now this headech
    [13:54:23] buy sale: said and discussed everthing about this issue with u as its imp for my business but not understanding
    [13:54:37] buy sale: which is old 2 yrs back gosh
    [13:55:56] buy sale: my business works on my name as most of cpa marketers know me im here from 5-6 yrs now never done any mistake mate try an understand
    [13:56:49] buy sale: u can check on digitalpoint forum cpaelites and worriror forum too never has bad reputation
    [13:58:49] Apricot: Yes, you're right - I should have banned you a year ago for not replying. You're telling me all this stuff but there's no proof that you gave the correct script. And now you're chasing me to get rid of the thread.

    Ok, I can't waste any more time on this. You didn't follow the rules. You didn't refund him willingly and you're not giving me all the skype logs. I'm going to ban your account and block you on skype now. If you want to appeal it, you'll have to submit a ticket here with ALL the information and I can check it with the buyer.

    [13:58:55] *** Apricot blocked buy sale ***
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  8. Zwielicht

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    Just a heads up everyone, this guy came back recently pretending to be a 17 year old American boy and used the same Skype ID ********** (the Skype ID might be censored soon, but it's "buy&sale", but replace "&" with "and").
    @buysale - https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/me-has-viral-new-likejack-just-need-traffic.573065/

    He also had another unbanned (now banned) account here by the name of @viralfree1

    He'll more than likely come back again because he's broke and unemployed, so if he contacts you, don't accept the contact request.
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  9. Inception_AC

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    He also says in the Skype conversation that he give me the working script which he didn't. He clearly ripped the script and couldnt get the part that was important.

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