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Aug 2, 2007
I was looking for some suggestions for buying traffic, I thought some people could share some of their sources,

I just made a purchase at

[popunders, popins]

I found all kinds of ptc traffic on another forum, and this one. But that is not really what I was looking for. And it really dont matter what I was looking for.

I was going to buy from one of the members here, but I think they took it out of their sig.

If we could share good places to buy traffic that would be great.
Its important to remember that traffic is not going to get you money, its targeted traffic that get cash. The website you just paid will send random people to your site- no sales will come of that. Thats why PPC is so attractive- you choose the keywords and google brings the targeted traffic.
Thanks, But I dont need it to convert for this project.

But they do spread it over days that I want, so it is good for me. Most of the paid to click sites will give 25k visitors in 1 day. that dont work for me.

It is not a bad idea to learn of traffic that will convert also. [besides getting raped by adwords]
In that case I can show you how to get 1 million views on your website for free. Infact this guy can explain it better than me, so check out the video. Its very enlightening;

Rep me!
I think you missed it completely, I need a couple hundred visiters a day to cover up what I am doing.

why would I want 1 million visitors unless i was gaming alexa for a sale.

anyway, after 3+ minutes this guy still has no point so could not waste any more time on it.

There are all kinds of reason to get traffic, I guess you just needed a thread to highjack
Damn, i just wasted my valuable 2 mins watching that crap. thought that was a sexy girl going to appear soon ?? :D

But how about buying traffic at bidvertiser or deliversalt ?

Just my small 1 cents advise.
why dont you buy cheap adbrite traffic to cover it up pay per view whole page where they redirect the click.
try mysitesubmit cheap traffic I used them once just cos I have a few extra bucks in my account and gave them ago, traffic is spread out over a few days.
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