Buying IG Accounts - Avoiding Bans

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by whackhat, Jun 2, 2016.

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    I am a noob at IG so please excuse me if this is a stupid question.

    If I was to buy an established account how would I get around the following:

    1: Using my IP to now access the account as opposed to the old owners IP and proxies (who was probably in a different country). Assuming this brings up a re-PVA check or similar.
    2: Phone verification checking - if I have no access to the SIM used, how is this bypassed?
    3: Any other IG verification they may ask for? How does a new owner pass the checks?

    If you've bought an account in the past, how did you get around these issues? Any advice appreciated.
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    That will depends on how many accounts are u managing?
    What are they for?

    When buying accounts make sure the accounts are created using USA proxy and if managed also using USA proxy.
    For a few accounts just buy a new number to re-verify. If bulk accounts, I heard sms-pva works. Don't take my word for it never use the. But personally I just discard, that's a ton of work to re-verify phone and email.