Jun 15, 2018
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hey, guys i spent 200$ buying hr views and uhr views and it seems not working anymore with this new update i tried different pannels none of them helped me i boost one of my videos with 15 000 hr 75%+
and 1000 like and 50 comments + 500 sahres + 210 dislikes . and i only got 8 organic views and 0 new subb my videos are verry optimized for seo !
i tried different thechniques the unlisted methde the live method and so on and so for !

1- This shit no working anymore don't waste your money !
2- or there's something new that few people knows about

ps : im trying to grow a highlight gaming youtube channel not promoting any affiliate offers !

i think im gonna go with the organic way pushing my content in facebook groups reddit other related forums and instagram as well !

i saw a highlight fortnite channel with only 2 weeks from 0 to 15k followers 5m+ views

what do you think guys ? anyone trying to beat the new algo ?

or anyone has grown his channel with the organic way ?

any tips or advices feel free to share !