buycheap_trafficnow is a scammer. dont do business with this guy

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by SuperBlackHat, Apr 10, 2010.

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    I paid this guy $60 to do a bulk email blast for me. He never delivered. His first excuse was the power went out. Then he tells me later that he sent it, yet i never saw any sort of stats or results from his email send, so i know he was bullshitting.

    He then emailed me like 2 days later saying he was going to refund my money in 4-5 hours. Its now 2 days later and I still have no money back in my paypal.

    I never once seen this guy on instant messenger since I sent him the money. As usual, these guys are always active on IM until you send the payment. Once they get it, they never sign on again.

    I sent this guy a bunch of PMs, emails, with no response. I also notice that somehow mysteriously, his are the only PMs that have disappeared from my PM inbox, and I know i didn't delete nothing. He must have some way to try to cover his tracks i guess.

    This is most likely going to be the last time i do business with anyone on BHW as it seems as everyone is a fucking scammer.

    Im going to say it again. Do not do business with buycheap_trafficnow. You have been warned.
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    He has been banned long ago, what's the point of this thread? :rolleyes: