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    For the last couple of months i worked so damn hard on my youtube channel to hit the frontpage/increase my audience but it just won't work.

    So i'm looking for someone who can increase my audience by a BIG boost and give me a active audience.

    I make advanced video's (vlogs mainly) with HD quality and know how to edit (After Effects,Vegas,Photoshop,..)

    But for some reason my video's just wont go viral (while VERY similar youtubers to me just hit the frontpage every time) and i already spend a lot of cash on buying views/likes/.. but nothing is effective..

    The most of my subscribers at this point are from using tubetoolbox for a very long while, and are mostly inactive

    So what i'm asking for is somebody who can promote me professionally for like a month or 2 when i release my new videos and make a big stream in my audience

    I'm paying for this.

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    Can you PM me your channel?