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    Nov 6, 2012
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    Hello Everyone

    Okay here lately am I the only one seeing like a million "I need to buy a VCC" Threads popping up all over the
    forum? I understand VCC's are needed often in your online strategies.

    However, Lets clear things up a bit about buying VCC's a long with any service...

    First, Ask yourself this question...Why can no one find a VCC and then they say "I need One!" and a million new
    members along with low contributing members instantly pop up saying they have the cheapest and best service
    ever and will give you cookies and milk with every order done with Liberty Reserve.

    Think about it like this...Why are those people not selling regularly if their so great? Sounds like your chances to
    be scammed or served in a low quality manner are pretty high...Right?

    Instead go to the BST and find a trusted, long standing member of the community to buy from. Sorry I am not going
    to put a link to a service in the BST so no one can say this is a advertisement scheme. Instead look and please think
    for yourself. If something looks and seems odd then it probably is. If someone who never sells VCC's or any service
    regular pops up and says their the best then be skeptic.

    Finally, Support members who contribute back to this great community. If your selling stuff here then donation seems
    like a fair thing to do. So pick out outstanding people who contribute to buy from to support your BHW Comrades.

    All the best!
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