"Buy NOW" Web page gimmicks?!? Which work?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by onelifeaway, Jan 9, 2009.

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    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but...

    I was wondering which "Buy Now" gimmick works the best for you? I have seen sites which simply say 'Buy now and save 50%'. The put $100 crossed out and then the new $50 next to it.

    I have also seen sites have a code which the buyer must enter and then it cuts the price in half. EG would be the price being $100 but in big letters it says Enter the code and see if you get $50 bucks off. If the code is entered the visible price is now shown to be $50. If the click BUY NOW without the code the price they pay is still $50.

    I have seen a really stupid thing where the price is $10 and it says you have 5 chances to get a lower price. The click the button the price is now $7. The click again the price is $5. Again it is $4. Again it is $3.75. The final spin it gave a price of $3.50.

    Do you guys and beautiful girls(okay the ugly ones can help too :p) think these time wasting gimmicks help get a sale or do you think the scare people away. Mainly the couponed one makes me think. It looks sweet and is visually impact full, but could the first view of $100 scare a prospect away? Thoughts and ideas and your own experiences?