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Can I use an aged account of you to just start a normal NON-BOTTED youtube channel without proxies?
Just a normal account but because of the age it will help me with rankings?
hello, Could I use these accounts to comment and like my videos? I mean it won't be an issue or something?

Could you send me review copy?
hello i was to pay by paypal but i dont find the choice to pay with paypal just btc and ethernom . so it can possible i pay with paypal or not ?
Can you PM me some random example links of different ages with videos?
Hello i would like a review copy, need one that is 2006, hence i plan on buying in bulk 06 accs if they're completely safe and won't get banned. Please dm me ASAP thank you!
We are offering High Quality & Very Affordable Aged Youtube Accounts with Instant Delivery!

Aged Youtube Accounts With Videos (Double Phone Verified)

2006 ~ 2007: $9.00
2008 ~ 2009: $8.00
2010 ~ 2011: $7.00
2012 ~ 2013: $6.00
2014 ~ 2015: $5.00
2016 ~ 2017: $4.00
2018 ~ 2019: $3.00

Aged Youtube Accounts Without Videos (Double Phone Verified)
2006 ~ 2007: $2.00
2008 ~ 2009: $1.90
2010 ~ 2011: $1.80
2012 ~ 2013: $1.70
2014 ~ 2015: $1.60
2016 ~ 2017: $1.50
2018 ~ 2019: $1.40

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Payment Methods
PayPal, Bitcoins, Ethereum, Etc

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Review Copy
If you want to receive a review copy, comment: "I want to get a review copy."

Refund & Replacement Policy
- Our accounts are guaranteed for 7 days until you log in. If the account is not working or banned before you log in, send us the info to inspect and replace your account. ➡ https://shoppy.gg/@agedaccounts/query
- You are responsible for all actions made on the account.
- Don't forget to change the login details of the account(s) after receiving them.

after I visited, and when I wanted to make a purchase, there was no payment method using PayPal
hello there ..

Can I get a review copy for any aged account with a video on it?

Probably already been asked but how can we get full ownership of the accounts?

stayed signed in for 7 days on a phone then change details?
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