Buy english sites and sell to local foreign markets

Discussion in 'Site Flipping' started by It Should Be Easy, Aug 19, 2013.

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    I recently noticed that there is a gap in market price between selling a site on the international market vs the scandinavian market. Because of this I am playing around with the idea to take advantage of that by creating a site brokering service for selling websites to the scandinavian market.

    Do you think people would be interested to pay an upfront fee if I could showcase previous sales that would suggest that they can get 20% more of their site through me?

    How would you administrate a sale? The easiest way possible without risking to lose money by buying the sites first and without risking people to just circumvent me as the broker.
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    Highly unlikely you'll get anyone to pay upfront with brokering, almost all will work on a commission only basis. Most brokers will also be able to show "20% more" especially when comparing to marketplaces like Flippa, so I doubt that will be much of a selling point either.

    I haven't noticed a gap in prices between countries (especially on anything over $10k). Website valuation multiples are quite standard worldwide, it's not like investors in some countries pay higher multiples than elsewhere.

    You might find an opportunity on the lower ends of the market where you can buy a site for a few hundred dollars and then sell it on for a few thousand - but this isn't really brokering and is more what would be described as flipping.