Buy a good aged domain to build multiple landing pages in very different niches/topics - bad idea?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by alexa_s, Nov 3, 2016.

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    Hi, let's say I want to rank like 30 lead gen websites all in different home repair/service niches. Relatively low-competition and outside of the US.

    What if instead, I bought a good aged domain and just built separate lead gen landing pages for each niche. Since google wouldn't be able to put the site in any particular topic category, would that hurt rankings?

    We're talking purely ranking-wise, the obvious disadvantages like not being able to get on google maps, having all the eggs in one basket and a few visitors being confused after going to the root of the site are quite clear.

    What would google think of a 50-page website with all pages being completely unrelated to each other and not linking back to the homepage(the homepage links to all landers, but none of the landers links back with their logo)?

    It seems appealing to me, much simpler than building individual website and can leverage the power of one good domain. Then, maybe build generic domain-name anchor text links to homepage to get the juice flowing to all pages. I've also noticed individual pages of new sites ranking much easier than the homepage, so that's also a plus.