(Buy)50 Pounds ($77 and $78)FaCEBOOK CODE + free $50 Google Code

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    I have 50 Pounds ($77 and $78)FACEBOOK CODE + free $50 Google Code for anybody that wanna buy Just $20, i can only sell through LIBERTYRESERVE only, so please PM for payment deal.

    The code is valid until June 1st(2010)), and will only work for accounts that are new to Facebook advertising and haven?t created an ad before. Facebook?s text and image advertisements can be targeted to a very specific audience based on age, location, keywords, connections and friends of connections, so give it a shot and use the code to promote your business, your website, your fan page, your group, your event, or your application to those who are most likely interested.

    The google code too...is valid till the end of this year .

    So PM for deal. Only accept LR for deal.