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    Sep 14, 2008
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    You know how bux sites place just general ads? Why not have a bux site that displays ads that the user wants to see. You could have a small survey in the registration process like Adult Friend Finder, and then display ads closely related to his/her interests. I think this might help conversion rates for bux advertisers. And help keep people interested in viewing these ads.

    If your bux site had something like this then advertisers would probably choose you over any other bux site. I would like to advertise with pornbux sometime because i imagine that it is better for advertisers as people on pornbux are interested in porn.

    I must admit I did laugh at the bux idea because it doesnt make any sense economically to advertise there. People are there to make money, not anything else. But it makes sense because now you know what they are looking for, provide that and tada. Hmm so if anyone out there has a bux site, or is thinking of making one, please implement something like this as I would love to advertise on your site.

    *the one reason why i wouldnt advertise on pornbux yet is because the page view timer on ads keeps going even if the viewer isnt on the page, I can imagine using a simple email submit site to get $1.50 commission, 500 visits for $5, would be easy to make a profit on that if people are forced to look at the page for 30 seconds.*