Business Systems And Life Principles: No Single Points Of Failure IMPORTANT

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    There used to be a village far from here, where a successful farmer provided food for his town. One day he was in the market and a boy approached him

    "Excuse me Mister? Why do you wear suspenders AND a belt?"

    The farmers eye twinkled, and the beginnings of a smile crinkled his face. He pointed to the boys belt and said

    "Son, one day your belt is going to fail you, and it will do so at the absolute worst possible time. When mine fail me, My suspenders will be there to keep my pants up."

    The young chap was intelligent. Three years passed: The boy turned 18 and asked the farmer if he could work for him as a mentee

    "Sure" grinned the farmer "I have only one rule you must follow if you want to work for me"

    "Anything! Just name it" the boy retorted

    "Don't make mistakes"

    This little parable encompasses the ideals I wanted to get across to you today

    No Single Points Of Failure. Don't Make Mistakes.

    You incorporate those two bodies of thought into your every day life and over time you will see vast transformations take place


    Why is this so important? Life is short: You need to begin optimizing your time. Figure out how to become insanely efficient

    How do you become insanely efficient? Cut out mistakes

    The little mistakes you make throughout life compound into massive amounts of wasted time and energy. We're about to talk about how to eliminate them.

    "But I thought you needed to learn from your mistakes to make money?" WRONG. This is one of the biggest fabrications in the internet marketing/business industry. Everybody wants to tell you to try, make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes. Don't follow the hype

    You need to learn from mistakes, but why do they have to be your own? They don't. Begin learning from other peoples mistakes.

    Next, Hold yourself to the highest standard. It's all about your belief system. Were you not trying to fail or were you trying not to fail: Big difference

    Lastly, No single points of failure


    You need to expect that things are going to go wrong. Build forgiveness into everything you do

    That way when things fail, you don't! Put a battery charger in your car

    You can't control when it will die, but on the day it does, you'll be prepared.

    Get two baby sitters. On the night of your big meeting you'll have someone to call when your first baby sitter calls to tell you she's got pneumonia.. or whatever it is.

    Do difficult things when they're easy *cough cough ode to exit strategys*

    ^This one is so important. Life zooms by so fast: It's like a fighter jet going 700 mph

    In the moment, when shit hits the fan, the enemies closed in and the planes taking heavy damage, it's to late. You just don't have time to react

    You need to build a plan before you're in the air. Before you're even in the plane. Pick three scenarios and plan it out

    A. Absolute Best Scenario: You're Whatsapp- You start your company in 2009 and five years later you sell for 16 billion.

    B. The Most Likely Scenario: You quit your job, start a business, it goes decently.

    C. You quit your job, you invest everything, your business partner stabs you in the back, and you end up with nothing.

    ^Do you know what you're doing in each of those situations? Better figure it out now before it happens.

    As a man you don't wait until a robber breaks in to figure out what you're doing. That's your wife, your family: You need to have that figured out long before the robber steps foot inside your place so that when it's happening. When you're flying through the situation at 700 mph in the moment your response is instinctual


    The key to all of this is to create systems of Prevention and Safety Netting

    I built up a rather large business before losing it and going broke a few months ago. I moved back in with my Mom

    Had a 9-5 within the first two days home. I saved up $1000 and built three income streams before quitting that job

    $1000 = 3 month safety net in case all income streams failed. 3 income streams= prevention system. If one goes down I have two more


    Make a to-do list every day. Edit it throughout the day

    Knock out the difficult tasks on that to do list early in the morning while your glycogen levels are high. Yes: Brain power depletes throughout the day

    The things you worry about never happen. That's because you monitor them

    Have some perspective: Your life isn't stressful. About a week ago my company lost it's programmer (single point of failure), and we had to scramble to a new find one. I think I was running on less than two to three hours of sleep a night for four days dealing with that + some other stuff for our business.

    My extended family had been texting me during this whole time wanting to see me. I was exhausted, I went downstairs and got into a super serious conversation with my mom: Thirty minutes into our discussion the doorbell rings and my entire extended family is outside wanting to see me.

    I just got this overwhelmed feeling of exhaustion. I went outside, entertained for about 20 minutes, and came back inside

    As I walk back inside my mom flips on the TV and there is a black SUV crushed in between two tank like armored cars. Forty to Fifty police officers are closing in on somebody. That persons life was about to end. That person knew his life was about to end (That person killed innocent people- I'm not saying he doesn't deserve whatever fate he got)

    I almost laughed. That's stress- Me losing a day or two of sleep and crying about it is me being a bitch

    ^Get your life perspective straight

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    No single points of failure - very good point that I never thought of and makes total sense.
    Dont make mistakes - personally don't agree with that because I think having the mind set that you cant or shouldn't make mistakes is going to make you worry all the two and second guess everything that you do - the reality is if you are new to something you cant possibly avoid mistakes because you dont know the pitfalls.

    I think sometimes in life you have to just fuc*ing go for it and if you make a mistake you make a mistake and you do learn from it - so every mistake you make is some more knowledge under your belt.

    But its a nice story though :)
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    I appreciate you taking the time to read and respond. I agree: At a certain point we're all human and we will all make mistakes (I made one last week with the programmer thing)

    That being said, you definitely want to operate in the sixth stigma as much as possible
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