Business Opportunity looking For PayPal partners?


Dec 9, 2008
Hello Everybody and Merry Christmas:
i will make it short to you.
i have over 50 Ebay pre 11/07 accounts ready to roll . All are US Ebay accounts created with clean US IP. i need some partner(s) who have some solid PayPal accounts from US or India to work with me . the deal is 50/50.
i can't say in the Open more details but you can pm with your yahoo messenger ID only.
the Candidates requirement?
- have many verified PayPal accounts to spare to make money?
- No hold for his PayPal accounts when receiving money?

thank you
go and but the accounts for $25 each and do it yourself..... fully verified etc and can all be purchased from people on the forums :)
i am trying to sell Ebay Accounts here please. i am looking for people who has PayPal accounts to receive the money from what i will sell and the deal is half half.
pm please only if you are serious . it is a big money with those pre Ebay 11/07 accounts and with mature PayPal accounts.
try to understand first mt thread before jump to post here Mr lewis
So - you post on Ebay and make a sale. You have the buyer send the payment to our paypal account - and then we send you 50% of that payment and keep the other 50%?

And then you don't send the item, or its not what its supposed to be, they dispute it and we lose the full payment and/or the paypal account?
No matter how you look at this, it's shady, not to mention peddling out eBay accounts with just the tag pre 11/07 seems like a scam, not to be flaming or skeptic, but I've been doing this before too, it doesn't pay out when your reputed account gets frozen and charged back.

Oh, and accounts made around the same time in mass with ip's in the general neighborhood all get caught up even though it's made in a clean ip. i.e. if you made an account on your friends computer, your computer, the computer at a cafe, they all will get caught the instant one of them starts being shady, or when all of them suddenly show activity after being dormant for a long time.
i have all the pp accts we will need and if we need more i will setup more bank accts and pp accts :)
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