Business idea and evaluate the difficulties to be First on G on specific terms

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by KarlC, Dec 19, 2012.

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    Dec 19, 2012
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    I am looking to buy a domain name.

    This domain is related to a specific search on google which generate 33 000 search per month.

    The number of search for this specific term is pretty low but it has high value.

    My idea is to buy the domain for this specific term and be in the first position on google and generate leads.
    I worked in the leads industry and I know how to monetize that.

    Here is my thought process:
    33 000 search on google per month

    - conversion: search vs expected visitors for the first position in google is 18% (source seomoz)
    If I am in the first position for this term I can expect 5940 qualified visitors per month. (33 000 x 18%)

    - conversion visitors vs clients (for me visitors who request more information) : 1%
    Usually it's around 2% but I prefer be precautious and take 1%
    5940 x 1% = 59 visitors who request more informations.

    I think I can sell these requests between 30 and $100. This means I could generate between 1 770 and $5 600 per month.

    But how can I evaluate the difficulties to be first on G on this specific term? Is there some tools to help me?

    - The URL of the first site on G on this search doesn't match this specific term
    - This site is not focus on this term (no description and keywords match)
    - The others sites (position 2,3,4) are big generalist not focus on this terms but tough competition

    What do you think?
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    You seem to be on the right track here but remember, just because you show up on the first page of results for Google does not mean people will click on the link to your website. You must combine your presence in search with a compelling offer. Use meta-descriptions to your advantage and make sure you include both your keyword terms and clever marketing language in those descriptions that will entice people to click on the link. Keep in mind that people are looking for relevant information to their query and not just the first result that pops up.

    You may get some additional ideas from this presentation on generating leads with search,

    Good luck,

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    Hi Karlc, You're on right track. Is that 33k searches are for exact search term? Because some newbies misunderstand the number broad searches are the exact searches. You can define it in adwords keyword tool by tick the exact searches checkbox on left sidebar.
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    Thank you Shawn for the link. There are some interesting infos, Im sure I can handle this very well, Im pretty good in marketing. This is not the same in SEO, Im a new player in this field ;-)

    Yes, I've figured this 2 hours ago, I didn't take the exact search... Shame on me ;-)

    I think I have to find another angle to attack.

    Thank you guys for your input.