Business Benefits - mobile site/sms/qrcodes?

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    Currently building out my site to offer these services to local businesses and just kind of stumped as to what the benefits that should be highlighted might be. Here are the main ones I've come up with so far -

    • Current Customer Retention - Allows a business to stay in touch with current customers more easily.
    • New Customer Generation - Allows business to offer discounts to entice new customers.
    • ROI - Easily tracked to offer insights into what is working.
    • Relevancy - Being available when their customers are looking for the service that they provide.

    Am I off base here? Are there others that you find businesses are more interested in? Others that I should be considering more important?

    Thanks for the help.

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    In my experience businesses are really only interested in 2 things:-

    making sales (whether that's physical products or selling their services) - to new and existing customers
    how much of a return they're going to get on any investment they make.

    Tell 'em more people will be searching the internet using their smartphones than their computers by the year-after-next, so if they want to be found they need a mobile-ready site. Put pictures on your site to compare and contrast. You'd be amazed how many business owners just don't know what a mobile site looks like!

    Make sure you explain the costs not in terms of outlay but in terms of generating more revenue.

    It depends what industry your potential clients are in as to what sort of interest they will garner from a mobile site. I prefer to sell it as an add-on to their current, existing site. In other words -" reach your customers wherever they are, at work, at home, on the bus etc.. Having a mobile site means they will always visit the right site for whatever they're viewing on" etc. etc. I'm sure you get the idea.

    QR codes are a crossover from physical media to the internet. Explain how they can make a print ad come alive by using a QR code linked to a video or an offer.

    With all these things IMMEDIACY is the key. People want it (whatever 'it' might be) NOW and businesses need to recognize that fact to keep up.

    Make your site pop and you'll do ok.

    Hope that helps.
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