Bulk Web2.0 Vs Limited Web2.0 Vs Multi-Tiered Ranking

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Ghoast, Dec 30, 2013.

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    I've been involved in SEO for nearly 2 years now (main experience is PPC since 07) and I've tried a few strategies out over the years.

    There are 2 main ranking strategies which I'm interested in but I have a limited number of my own case studies make a good conclusion at this point.

    Let me walk you through what's worked for me and what hasn't and then please give your own input!

    There are 3 main strategies I want to discuss

    Strategy 1: BULK WEB2.0
    Make a lot of web2.0s - probably 100 per niche spanning maybe 5 keywords, then put 500 - 1,500 unique words on each with pictures, videos etc and random links.

    Strategy 2: Limited, HIGH QUALITY Web2.0
    Make a limited number of web2.0s - but make them extremely high quality, with multiple pages and tons of content - unique - perhaps 20 or 30 per niche spanning around 5 main keywords

    Strategy 3: Multi-Tiered or NOT?
    Then there's the question of building tons of layers below your 1st, or just spamming the 1st heavily..

    My results
    I have had much better success from this:
    Tier1: Low amount of Web2.0 - unique content
    Tier 2: High PR Blog posts x10 - Highly Spun content
    Tier 3: Wikis/mass articles x10 - Highly Spun content
    Tier 4: Blog comments x10 - index

    I have also tried the following but it has not worked as well:

    Tier1: 100 Web2.0s - unique content
    Tier 2: 1,000 Web2,0s - Highly Spun content
    Tier 3: 10,000 articles - Highly Spun content - index

    I have used the same amount of social signals, fb, twitter etc for each strategy..
    Each strategy has been used on varying levels of competition..

    So I want to know, in early 2014, what do you like best?

    low amount, high quality first tier
    high amount, good quality first tier

    And finally - do you then create many tiers, or just one highly spammed tier?

    How many backlinks do you make per website? I normally try x10

    At this point, I'm swaying more towards, high quality, low amount 1st and then only 2nd tier, highly spammed, with lots of different link types and then straight to indexing..
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    what is the frequency by which you are posting content on the web 2.0's?
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    Just posting on them once when I build them, then leaving them - that's a good point though, do you go back and continue adding to your first tier sites
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    Initially even i would add content , add link and forgot that web2.0 , later i started adding content to the property once a week and rankings started improving a bit .
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    I would recommend to build your web 2.0 as you are building your website.

    Once in a week add contents on each web 2.0 ... bookmark them with only top websites ... do social signals activity.

    Treat your web 2.0 as your assets and in long run they will pay off.
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    $ from websites I own.
    putting monkeys in paypal
    I've got a lot of opinions on web2.0s which I'll be writing about extensively in the near future, but for now lets just say ...

    - 1 set of web2.0s per niche, reusable for different sites in the same niche.
    - Link out to authority sites for the same niche, along with your money site. This beefs up their authority on the niche and defines their relevancy.
    - GSA to the web2.0 as a 2nd tier. I don't bother with more than that.
    - Use web2.0s to dilute your incoming anchors if you're using a blog network (0% exact anchors from web2.0s), and 20% exact anchors if you're only using web2.0s.
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    It is important to note that quality Web 2.0s will live longer.
    I like creating 2-3 Tiers but it depends on how massive the 1st tier is.