Bulk email to newly registered domains to sell enterprise software?

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    May 22, 2017
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    So i've been selling & supporting opensource ERP software for 6 yrs++ and had built the business to 1.5m+/yr but got reaaaaaaaalllllllly sick got running a 30+ man team with the amount of support required.

    Plan is to move totally online and not have any staff. I have an automated system which delivers the software to the end customer, and plan to eventually build customer service chatbots to deal with customer service. Am prepared to deal with customer service before i get the bots up.

    So i used to sell via a totally offline method, word of mouth + salesman who bring contacts + make calls.

    Idea is to obtain newly registered domains and start their email on a email+website sales funnel in order to close the sale online, at a much lower price point. (25/mth - 75/mth, used to sell 10-20k projects)

    Few questions:

    1) I realize that there are providers who have main tld newly registered domains available, but im looking for .com.sg domains as its the country i'm based in and most comfortable with to start with. Do the new domain name providers essentially keep whois-ing every permuation of the domain name everyday if the tld doesnt allow some sort of ftp download of domain names?

    2) Bulk mailing. Would standard providers like sendgrid , elasticemail etc... ban me if the users start to complain a lot? how do you get around it?

    3) Is this worth it? it seems like a very simple idea, that you guys would have probably explored to the death. I'm prepared to deal with technical hurdles as my main skill set is in building automated infrastructure, but does it work?

    Would love to have a chat with anybody with some knowledge of the subject matter. Believe it to be a multi million dollar market