Bulk AI Content Generator V5 | 0.008 per 1000 words | 2500 words per Article | PAA Integration | Video | Featured Image | Auto WP Import

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Mar 1, 2016

Bulk Content Generator V5 IS HERE!


Cost of 1000 Lower-End Articles per 1000 words: $20,000
Cost of 1000 (solid quality) Articles from Bulk Content Generator V5: $26.25
Average Article Length: 3,327 words

It's cheaper than the cheapest writer on Fiverr. :)

- ChatGPT 3.5 Integration
- Cost: 0.00875$ per 1000 words.
- Made for mass-content production
- Average Article Length: 3,327 words
- Auto-import via Free Wordpress Plugin
- Multi-Lang Option on Request (let me know which lang before purchasing)
- Articles contain image, youtube video, PAA section (scraped and paraphrased).
- If PAA is unavailable, script will generate semantically relevant questions and answers via AI.
- Insert your own topics and associated keywords for each article (export and import from keyword research tools).

3,635 words, cost: $0.02625

3,355 words, $0.028875

2,488 words, $0.021875

3,668 words, $0.0315

3,492 words, $0.02975

Average Number Of Words Per Article: 3,327.6
Cost Per Article: 0.02625$
Cost per 1000 articles: $26.25

Price: 199
$ (previously $150)
Payment Link:

Contact me after payment!


- No dev knowledge needed.
- Live support via Telegram.

1. You will be asked to insert OpenAI, Pexel and 2 Proxies inside user interface.
2. After that you should add keywords inside .CSV (excel) file. As many as you like.
3. You can run the script now.

1. A Prompt for Generating Complete Articles of Up to 1500 Words in Just Minutes!
- We will do it inside the Playground
- Receive a script and prompt that does it for you automatically
- Receive instructions on how to mass-import those articles easy with images
- It's not the one used in this script

2. GET the Amazing Chrome Web Extension that Lets You Instantly Paraphrase or Expand Your Articles on the Fly - No Matter Where You're Working!
- You receive it with this purchase, just plug in your OpenAI key.
- Paraphrase content.
- Expand paragraphs with additional information.

3. Power of AI: Create Topic Maps and Write Engaging Content!
- Video Tutorial
- Prompt Commands

4. Use AI to Transform Your Old Content With New Information - Here's How! (No One is Talking About This!)
- Video Tutorial
- Prompt Commands

You are only eligible for a refund If the tool continuously generates unusable content for keywords you target, and if we can't fix it, you will receive a full refund.

If there are any other issues, let me know. I've had 0 refunds so far.

[email protected]
Telegram: t.me/nichevoyage


top coder! i appreciate all you do bro

everyone should be working with him
Just ordered! Seller is very helpful and always online.
Purchased the Ai bot from @zigzagzig and all I can say is...... WOW. I think you all should take this and run. It is worth every single penny. I highly recommend this seller.

P.S. also perfect for newbie as I'm a newbie to python myself :))
The seller is extremely responsive and supportive. I am happy with the output and with sellers involvment in improving the code and adding new functionalities!

Thanks @zigzagzig!
Ivan is responsive. Quickly and patiently replies if you have questions. He'll try his best until the generator run without a problem.
Ivan is a humble guy! He always response every single message and question I send to him. Very happy with after sales support! Thumbs up!
I feel @zigzagzig deserves a review for his product & service here.

I am one of the first batch buyers for the first version in Dec. I would say that product-wise, he did provide good instruction with video tutorials etc, & documents to ensure to help you set up your own environment to run all his python scripts.

If you have a programming background but lazy to start from scratch, I personally feel his script will be a good start for you and allows you to do your own modification & enhancement.

Most importantly, Ivan is very responsive and helpful too. Thanks!
I bought OP's AI Content generator a month ago and this is my honest review.

Communication with zigzagzig was easy and helpful.

OP sent an email with links to Google Drive. Thanks to his installation guide the installation was easy and done in 5 minutes.
Thanks to his script I was able to create really nice readable content for the price of 5 pennies.

Depending on your use-case and input-data, the quality of the content is either better or worse than AI tools like Jasper.ai.
If you look at the price, OP's script pays for itself extremely quickly.

What i like most is the fact that he is continuously expanding and improving his script.

I can highly recommend it to everyone who is looking for an easy solution for AI generated content.
Review: I bought this python PAA content generator from Ivan. First of all, i am a noob in Python, Ivan is really helpful and answered all my questions and even helped me set up the script correctly.
As one of the first paid customers, my Demand of desire was to solve my unstable content outsourcing which I`ve already spend lots $$ to get the $hit.
You just feed the Supply of my needs. I believe if you do some research or feedbacks. You will get the clue about how big was your business.
It`s far more than your initial thought. Beside, you just provide Non-UI software that can produce mass AI content without monthly fee.
You should consider annual charge by year or customer coding for demand (which called plug-ins).
Congratulations, OP, because demand now exceeds supply.
My review:

I purchased the tool and followed the instructions to get set up. Although there were a couple of points I think newbies will struggle with, I'm sure Ivan will make it easier in time. Overall, very simple to set up if you have some Python experience (even a small bit).

As for the product itself, I have already created 15 articles using the script, which was writing away whilst I researched more content. It took me around 2 minutes for each article, each one around 600 - 650 words, with H2 tags, but this can be reduced as I'm going to edit the code to ignore a few things.

I plugged this content back into ChatGPT using a custom prompt, and turned each article into a 1500 word article ready for publishing, using royalty free images.

All in all, 15 articles proofed and checked took 2hrs. Mainly because I have very high standards for SEO content and use a topical SEO map with pillar and secondary content. This would normally take me FIVE DAYS.

Generally speaking, based on previous analytics, for every 300 articles, I'm able to generate £1.7m per year in assisted conversions, and about £70k in direct conversions (gross). It took me a year to produce those articles, doing 3+ per week. I can now get that evergreen content created and scheduled in ONE MONTH. So, using those maths, yes I'm really f*cking happy with the purchase. I now have 11 months back in my workflow, and already have buyers lined up to buy this content for niche sites, on top of my own personal usage.

Just buy it. This is the best I've seen. All the bonuses and extras are amazing. Huge value, and helpful OP.

Thanks Ivan, and speak soon!
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If it works right and comes with instructions, you could sell it to (n) amount of people right here.
Why just 1?
I would be a customer.
Please check PM, I've paid and haven't received any confirmation/instructions. Thanks


I woke up to much more orders than expected, I planned to remove the link once i hit 3 sales but i got a lot more and there is kinda no turning back now.

1. I'm doubling the price of the tool by tonight (from $100 to $200)

2. There won't be limit to the amount of customers

3. People that bought at the old price will receive few other scripts i've been cooking, as well as any support they will need. If you need help in 3 weeks from now, you will receive a reply.

To everyone who bought the tool: check your emails. I'll follow up with you with more stuff in a day or two.

I replied to all PM's.

can i use it if i dont know abt python etc ?
If you are for any reason unable to follow the instructions, here are the options:

1. I will be available for live-support over the telegram.
2. I'll join you via one of the remote desktop tools and set it up for you
3. If nothing above works I will provide you with a VPS (windows) account that you can use with software installed. First month is at my expense.

If it works right and comes with instructions, you could sell it to (n) amount of people right here.
Why just 1?
I would be a customer.
I changed my mind, there won't be a limit to the number of customers, but due to respect to initial customers i will increase the price for future ones.

Limited to Only 3 customers and price is $100?!
Yes, reasoning behind it was: i don't want to deal with customer support and wasn't sure if anyone here would pay more than that. Just needed quick money to cover some expenses. But if i can turn this into long-term business as it seems, sure.

Is it possible to use input from a CSV/Text file to provide context/data to OpenAI?
Yes, that's exactly how it works.

You don't need to limit the number to 3.

You can sell 3 millions copies without problems.

Remove that limit, let AI crash the Google.
Since you mentioned, i'll give it a go.
As one of the initial buyer (at $100), I support seller's moves.
Please check below comments to further improve it:

1. I'm doubling the price of the tool by tonight (from $100 to $200)
It's smart and may consider to further incresase the price after 2 weeks/certain number of sales.

2. There won't be limit to the amount of customers
During the continuous sales of the BST, could you keep updating the scripts/codes to includes bugs fixed (by other buyers), and keep adding new features such as auto adding h2 etc. tags and integrate other AI models (Bloom, AI21...)

3. People that bought at the old price will receive few other scripts i've been cooking, as well as any support they will need. If you need help in 3 weeks from now, you will receive a reply.
To everyone who bought the tool: check your emails. I'll follow up with you with more stuff in a day or two.
It's fair enough and I believe other early buyers would be happy to get other scripts as compensation.

Wait for your coming emails about new stuffs, and good luck for your sales!
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