Bukisa Blog Method / plugin idea?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by cchance, Jun 5, 2009.

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    Ok I'm a programmer but not a PHP/Wordpress programmer but after reading around some ideas started popping up into my head regarding bukisa and blogs. It basically centralized around a site I have problems with its a site in the Tech field that i really get crap eCPM and crap CTR on no matter my theme or layout even though it has a decent stock amount of hits every day 400-500uv a day and 800-900v a day.

    Basically my idea is a WP Bukisa crossposter, basically whenever an article is posted to WP it would auto-post it to bukisa. Once accepted by bukisa, it would automatically set a flag on that WP article page that when set would enable a metatag for redirect (or java redirect) to Bukisa, in fact to make things a bit more "google safe" instead of actually cloaking this with a meta refresh, just load a iframe the size of your content area and set the bukisa article to load their, of course bukisa's frame breaker will break the frame and open fully but that shud be fine....

    This way google is indexing the pages and sees an iframe which it basically ignores from how i understand things, and it also sees the normal article posted above the iframe... so your content gets indexed in google, but when a real person comes to your site they get framebroken and see the bukisa page and you get the traffic sent to bukisa.

    Now on my site where i average <1$ ecpm this makes a crap load of sense i mena i get 100$ traffic from google, with this way traffic should stay the same because the content google sees is still the same just an extra iframe showing on the page now. And i'll be getting theoretically the 3.5$ eCPM from bukisa for the traffic

    What do you guys think, i've been thinking about it quite a lot and the idea seems solid but just don't have the time to write a plugin to handle this.
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    This sounds really good. The only problem is coding the Buskia autoposter.
    I think it would be faster to just copy paste the article you wrote.
    But congrats on your idea! I would go for AC as they don't scrape as much.