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    ---- THREAD CLOSED 09/25/2013 ----
    Found this amazing guide recently written by shawnhag from wf, figured you guys would benefit a lot from reading it.

    For the last 5 years or so, I've had a fuck ton of high authority and well curated domains. Lets just call it a blog network. A group for work, another group for my affiliate sites, another group for my contractors, and another group that I do absolutely nothing with other than try to get them ready for war and save for later. As of now over 300 in my arsenal, and none of them have ever shown signs of penalty or any other fucking nonsense.

    PageRank is for Fucking Morons

    Gonna say this right now: pay very little attention to PageRank when looking for drops. PR can be an indicator of a good pick, but by no means should you stop there.

    For those of you currently still living in SEO 2009 ? Google is ditching PR, so please stop checking your site every fucking day to see if the PageRank has changed, its over.

    Take off your pretty black hat and put on a white one and go over to Moz and get yourself an account for $99 a month. Or find 4 faggots from Wickedfire and share one for $25 and take turns.

    Load that API key into Scrapebox?s addon which is really the only metric worth a fuck that Moz has produced.

    Example of how much PR doesn't matter:
    I bought a PR7 a few months ago for like $30. (no 301 and yes, kept its PR) and it has shit for value. DA/PA 1.
    Which link from which site do you think Google values more:

    (1) My PR7* with a DA of 1
    (2) My PR1* with a DA of 23
    Answer: (2)
    *PR is dead

    Sleuthing Stale, Old or Leaked Authority

    A few links from a few drops with decent authority WILL rank a website for a low to moderate keyword if the site you are trying to rank has authority itself.

    The key is to find domains that have a solid backlink history that you can be certain do not, and have not had any penalties.

    Do a little sleuthing. Don?t get a fucking hard on the minute you see a PR5 for $50. Check to see that the domain didn?t get dropped because of a penalty, trademark infringement, or some other bullshit.

    Check the domain authority and take a peek to see if any of the internal pages have had any historical page authority.

    I stay away from anything that is not .com/org/net and sometimes info. Not sure why but I'm generally skeptical of other TLDs.

    I also stay away from companies that dropped their domain but are still in existence. For instance a company that used to have but now have but let the hyphenated one drop. It will just piss them off if they see ?FuckWhit?s Private Blog Erection Brand Magazine? on their old website. Don?t poke the bear.

    Content is for Closers

    From there the best thing to do is add content. Content, content, content. I?m not gonna give away all the secrets here but I?ll tell you right now, I don?t pay for it but it is unique, got it?

    Forget 500 words, right now you fucking fuck. Get it out of your fat fucking head.

    Look at any real blog and you?ll find posts of about anywhere from 4 sentences to 5000 words.
    Blogs that have post after post with 500 words just look retarded.

    Here are some examples for those who can?t read between the lines:

    +Do posts with just 1 image and a description. (buzzfeed does this all the time)
    +Do posts with just a quote.
    +Do posts with a Vimeo embed and a blurb.

    Be a fucking baller and have peasant VA?s do your content curation all day long for $200 a week. Crack the whip if they can?t do at least 500 posts per day.

    You gotta show them what the fuck to do. Just because they are a peasant doesn?t mean they can read your fucking mind, come on dude. Tell them and show them exactly how you want it done and give them deadlines.

    These fuckers aren't gonna grow on their own

    Just like bitches and hoes, your sites need some lovin occasionally as well.

    Once I have dozens of articles per domain I'll blast some not-too-blackhat links at them...maybe other peoples blog networks and get some juice flowing. Find any triple-cockring-mafia-penguin-tiered service in BST and use that.

    Always be aware of the current backlink profile as to not set off any velocity triggers in the googles. For instance if your new domain has 0 links don't go buying a spam service and getting yourself banned. drip your links in modestly if you want to live. Throw some links at those links and now we're playing ball.

    The name of the game here is link juice, not ranking so don't worry about keywords or anything like that. branded and generic anchors will work just fine.

    I run periodic SERP checks to make sure that the domain is ranking for and its brand name. This is just another superstition I have but it works for me.

    I don't ever interlink my domains as to not set off any filters. Its kind of like paying your credit cards with other credit cards, eventually it will catch up with you.

    Hosting and Shit

    As for hosting I generally keep up to (but no more than) about 20 domains per shared hosting account. I always use private domain registration and never add more than 1 domain to a hosting account at a time although like I said I do keep a dozen or so on the same hosting account.

    I'm very liberal when it comes to this, if you want to be safe then 1 domain per IP and change everything up.

    My philosophy for that is that an average shared hostgator IP will have hundreds of domains per IP. I have never, ever, ever had a problem but don?t pass my own personal threshold.

    I have all sorts of VPS?s, dedicated boxes and shared hosting accounts I?ve collected over the years so I?ll generally just stagger the domains across all of them.

    Again, most of these domains aren?t going to see very much traffic so you don?t need to worry about performance.

    CMS's, themes, and all that jazz.

    I am guilty of using WordPress for most of my domains but WP is used by 20% of the internet so I don?t think my 400 domains are gonna set off any filters.

    I am a speed freak so I make sure that all of my themes are super lightweight. I try to use a different theme on each domain. Custom logo, custom widgets, custom footer, custom images on the home page and static content on the big 3: home, about, contact. I?ll throw up a favicon and t&c just for fun.

    The real key is when you look at any one of my sites from a quick glance it does not look like spam. It has an appearance of a brand and if a normal person looked at it they would think it is a real company.

    Another method you can use (found it here on WF originally) is scan the domain on (which you should have done already) to see if there is any content worth unearthing. If you can dig up the old URL structure do your best to recreate it and throw the old content back on it. Run a copyscape on it to make sure it hasn't been transferred to a new domain and you will see your domain perform a little better.

    Now Wut?

    A private blog network is just that: private. In my opinion, the minute you sell a link on your network it becomes a public blog network. I use it to rank all of my personal sites, and that is it. Occasionally I?ll give a friend a link but I keep all the good shit to myself. I?m not in the link brokerage business. Too many people fucking complain about shit.

    DON?T be fucking Disrespectful

    Respect your network. A good network of 50+ sites can net you $100s of thousands of dollars.

    An example of how to be an asshole is by making 30 posts with 90 links to your money site on all of your sites.

    You?re gonna have to have some self-restraint. I treat my domains like fucking gold. In reality, only 1 link per domain really matters in my opinion anyway.

    Once you have a network of sites with some domain authority cocked and loaded people need to wake the fuck up and watch fuck out: you have a fully loaded weapon on your hands and you are ready for fucking murder.
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    Franklin Hattchet Method
    Franklin Hattchet Method
    Home Page:
    Did you get the permission of the actual writer? shawnhag is here on BHW as well.
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    Ah I didn't know he was on this forum, will close the thread.
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