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    Hi Guys,

    Currently I am learning and applying NapsteR's unique linkpush as seen at

    I have found an indian freelancer for me to build hundreds of web 2.0 sites for a low price and another group of freelancers to post my spinned articles manually to these web 2.0 sites, creating a 5 by 5 linkpush. I feel that manually creating a linkpush has a higher success rate that using tools like senukeX.

    Currently I did a 100 web 2.0 sites targetted towards my money site and I see my current page is on page 2 (15th position). It is for a competitive keyword.

    My question now is, how fast or slow should I build such a linkpush? Is doing 30 web 2.0 sites/day safe in the eyes of a search engine? I am also using lindexed service to crawl and index these web 2.0 sites. Any advise from an expert will be really helpful. I am now in the process of posting 300 new articles to these web 2.0 sites and creating a 5 by 5 linkpush.