Building revenue webpages on stock-domains

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    Jul 15, 2012
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    I got some domains in my portfolio which needs to be monetarized.
    Most of them are german domains .de with german words.

    I am a web developer and got no time to do this at my own so i am looking to find somebody developing any type of project (ppc/pps/ppa based or any other) one each of the pages.
    So we need to create some webpages i.e. automated stores, content driven pages or any others which is your special task.
    Also you need to advertise the pages a bit so that some revenue is produced and trackable.
    Bigger projects with any way of sharing all later revenued profits are really welcome.

    What i NOT Want is any kind of auto-spun wordpress based spam-content ... and the next "makes you fast rich" wordpress niche pages like any ebay offer. Also i am not interested in any 1.000.000 visitors things (botted or trafficnetworks ...) which waste traffic ...
    We need serious working pages as described above

    Looking for some serious things which produce some revenue - i do not expect any 100.000s of dollars ...

    From my side i can supply one or more dedicated servers as needed.
    Also my main problem is too less time. So please understand this if i do not answer each contact immeadiatly.

    ask for domain names domains are
    most of them are aged some years ...