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    After finding out most of the major PPC networks don't allow direct linking, it seems I'm going to have to start building my own landing pages (it seems as if the market has become much harder for a newbie to get started lol). Anyways, few questions:

    1) Do you put multiple offers on one page or one offer on one page?
    (e.g., for a money making landing page, would you put all the ways to make money or just one?)

    2) Do you take content from the CPA offers landing pages? (do you basically just take some of the content from the affiliate offer and spice it up, make it look better, add extra stuff?)

    3) How do you link to the affiliate offer? (do you iFrame the submit form into the page itself? Or do you redirect upon clicking a button to the CPA offer? Or something else? Which one is better?)

    4) In regards to building landing pages in sub-directories of the main domain, do you only put offers relevant to the main website in the sub-directories?

    5) Do you buy separate domains for each offer/offers/niche?

    6) What about using Web 2.0 properties and having blog posts as landing pages?

    7) Do you put landing pages on websites (or blogs) that already have a lot of relevant content and then the landing pages as sub-directories? Or does that not matter at all?

    8) And finally, if you build a successful landing page, is it a good idea to promote it through SEO methods as well so you can get some organic traffic as well?

    It would be great if someone could answer all these questions, thanks!
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    1. Only landing page targetting one offer but it may has few links to same offer
    2. Landing pages need more details tahn the just copy and paste. Need to change visitors mind to convert him.
    3. I use cloaking through internal page so user will see it as a internal link.
    4. Subdirectories or pages. It doesn't mater until the user trust the site.
    5. DIfferent domain is perfect but you can buy general domain "" and make pages for each offer.
    6. If your going to make steady income web.20 properties are not recommend.
    7. If your traffic source is SEO, yes you need more pages directories links. But if your going to do with paid traffic you have to make trustworthy site to visitors.
    8. Driving traffic through SEO is long term. If you have well converting landing page keep researching on paid traffic until you get 100% ROI.
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    One better and simple way is to look at those paid Google advertisements and judge which one impresses you the most. Do some more research on that site and see what works for them. Then copy the idea.:D
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    aWEber offers good forms.. check it out